Study practical horticulture skills - more practical, a bit less theory

Those those that:
  • Work in horticulture
  • Want to work in horticulture
  • Want practical skills in horticulture
How do you learn the practical side of horticulture by online education?
This course is the ANSWER! It really does work, where you can make full use of interactive learning tasks and high-quality plant photographs. This course has been written to satisfy the curriculum developed by the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK (Advanced Certificate and Diploma level)

Learn Hands-on Practical Gardening Skills by Online Education!

.....Yes it is possible... through this unique course developed and delivered by professional horticulturists from both Australia and the UK

Course Structure and Contents

There are ten lessons in this module as follows:

  1. Soil Analysis
  2. Seed Propagation (including seed identification)
  3. Vegetative Propagation
  4. Potting up and After Care of young plants
  5. Planting
  6. Maintenance of Established Plants
  7. Practical Plant Identification
  8. Pest and Disease Identification
  9. Weed Identification
  10. Risk Assessment

Duration: 100 hours (approximately)


Here are some examples of what you may do:
  • Test soils to determine characteristics which would be valuable to management of any given soil in a horticultural situation
  • Identify sandy loam, silty loam, and clay loam soils by feel; and pH testing by soil indicator; and relate to plant selection
  • Identify and sow a range of different types of seeds, in different situations, in a way that will optimise successful propagation.
  • Propagate a range of plants using different vegetative propagation techniques
  • Pot up and provide after care for a range of propagated seedlings and cuttings.
  • Plant a range of (different types) plant material.
  • Maintain the desired growth type and habit for a range of plants.
  • Identify significant woody plants including: Trees; shrubs; ground covers and conifers
  • Identify a range of significant plant problems including pests, diseases and others.
  • Identify a range of non woody and indoor plants of horticultural significance.
  • Conduct a risk assessment of a horticultural workplace to determine safe working practices and select appropriate personal safety clothing and equipment.




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