Learn How to Effectively Manage a Greenhouse 

Greenhouses are normally used for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To propagate new plants inside by providing the ideal conditions
  • To grow cold and frost sensitive plants
  • To grow vegetables, cut flowers or berry fruits out of season or faster than what might be achieved outside.
  • To provide a contained 'isolated' growing environment for plant breeding or quarantine purposes.

In this course you will learn about the modern technology and its application to manage a greenhouse and thereby increase the efficiency and productivity of the greenhouse within a specific environment. 

Learn How to Manage Manual and Automated Greenhouses

This is a 100 hour, self-paced course, with tuition from highly qualified international experts.


Course Structure and Content

There are nine lessons in this course as follows:

1. Types of Greenhouses

  • Greenhouse Designs for Commercial Nursery Production
  • Greenhouse Construction Methods and Materials
  • What Type of Greenhouse is Appropriate for Your Nursery?
  • Siting Greenhouses
  • Greenhouse Benching
  • What Can You Grow?
  • Environmental Control in Greenhouses
  • Computerised Environmental Control

2. Growing Systems and Equipment

  • How to Grow Plants
  • Measuring Conditions Inside a Greenhouse
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Getting Plants to Flower Out of Season

3. Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouses

  • How to Stop Pests and Diseases Entering the Greenhouse
  • Detecting and Controlling Pests and Diseases in the Greenhouse
  • Common Greenhouse Diseases
  • Disease Control

4. Temperature Control in a Greenhouse

  • Heating Systems
  • Ventilation Systems

5. Water Management 

  • Greenhouse Irrigation
  • Soil and Water
  • When to Irrigate
  • The Nursery Irrigation Program
  • Plants and Water
  • Equipment and Methods
  • Maintenance of Watering System

6. Nutrition Management

  • Irrigation and Nutrition Control
  • Liquid Feed Systems

7. Managing Light

  • Importance of Lighting in a Greenhouse
  • Artificial Lighting
  • Measuring Light
  • Controlling Light in the Greenhouse
  • Photoperiod Manipulation
  • Growth Rooms
  • Efficient Lighting Control

8. Managing Gasses 

  • Carbon Dioxide Enrichment
  • Pollutant Gases
  • Temperature Control Systems (Ventilation)

9. Automation and Robotic Applications for Greenhouse Production

  • Automation in Vegetable Nurseries


Lesson Aims

  • Compare different types of greenhouses to better match the plants to be grown inside the greenhouse to be built.
  • Explain the equipment and measuring devices (manual and automated) used inside a greenhouse to help grow plants more effectively.
  • Explain options for reducing the impact of pests and diseases on plants grown inside greenhouses.
  • Detect and control the temperature within an optimal growing range for plants being grown in a greenhouse.
  • Control water in a greenhouse, including irrigation and humidity. 
  • Control nutrient levels in a greenhouse at optimal levels for plant growth and health
  • To explain how light levels can be maintained in a greenhouse for optimal plant production.
  • Explain how to best manage the air characteristics inside a greenhouse.