Learn to construct things using hard materials

Study this course to better understand the use of hard construction materials including concrete, stone and brick; in both landscape and building construction.

This course will develop your understanding of different types of materials and techniques used to create buildings, interior and exterior building features and landscape features.

It is of value to anyone who is involved with property management, maintenance or construction. It relates to commercial and residential construction and to landscape construction as well.


The Importance of Masonry

Masonry commonly refers to construction with brick, stone or concrete units joined together with mortar to create structures. Those structures may be buildings, fences, walls, or perhaps something else.

Definitions of masonry vary though. One definition may be the work undertaken by a “mason”.  Some definitions describe masonry as working with clay or concrete bricks and stone. Other definitions may consider masonry as working with a more diverse range of materials including glass bricks, cobbles and ceramic blocks and tiles.


Learn to Build with Concrete, Stone and Brick

Learn about how to make things using different masonry materials. Find out about laying foundations, cutting and bonding brick and stone, and finishing masonry surfaces. Put what you learn throughout this course into practice with your own masonry project. 



 The course comprises nine lessons:

  1. Scope and Nature of Masonry

  2. Cement and Concrete

  3. Construction Method and Structural Considerations

  4. Working with Brick

  5. Working with Stone

  6. Construction for Fire -Fireplaces, bbq’s, kilns, ovens and fire pits

  7. Landscape Applications & Hybrid construction

  8. Repair and Miscellaneous Work

  9. Building Applications -houses, farm and commercial buildings


Duration: 100 hours


Course Aim

To better understand the use of hard construction materials including concrete stone and brick; in both landscape and building construction.

Reasons to Study This Course

This course is designed to be of benefit to people who are interested in learning about how to build foundations, walls, driveways, buildings or other solid constructions, for self-interest, business or work purposes. It will also be of value to those who are operating an existing businesses which involve masonry work.


Take this course if you would like to:

  • Find ways to improve an existing construction business.
  • Enhance your employability in construction and maintenance positions.
  • Improve your knowledge of building techniques.
  • Develop your skill set for freelance work in construction-related fields.

This course may be studied by itself or along with other modules as part of a learning package.


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