Learn to care for birds in captivity such a wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, tourist attractions and at home!

Cawing, chattering, chirping, twittering, beautiful birds!


Course Content

 You will explore and learn about the fascinating world of birds in over eight lessons:

1. Scope and Nature of Bird Care

  • Introduction
  • Selection
  • Grooming
  • Hygiene
  • Terminology

2. Breeds

  • Bird types
  • Choosing a bird
  • Commonly kept birds

3. Housing Birds

  • Aviaries
  • Minimum requirements for keeping birds
  • Water, feeding and stimulation equipment

4. Feed and Nutrition

  • Feed and feeding
  • Watering
  • Nutritional requirements

5. Health Management

  • Caring for the sick bird
  • Safety on the home
  • Traveling
  • Common ailments

6. Bird Behaviour and Training

  • Catching/restraining
  • Behaviour
  • Training

 7. Breeding

  • Sexing and Desexing
  • Breeding
  • Welfare
  • Reproduction
  • Neo-natal care

8. Working in the Bird Industry

  • Pet trade and breeding
  • Showing
  • Avian health
  • Pigeon racing
  • Falconry
  • Zoos and Wildlife Parks
  • Avian tourism
  • Farming birds for meat, eggs, feathers or oils
  • Birds for pest control
  • Bird fertiliser -manure


The Learning Aims are:

Discuss the nature and scope of aviculture and develop networking with others involved with aviculture.
Determine appropriate types of birds to keep for different purposes.
To consider and choose appropriate housing for a range of different types of captive birds.
Outline the feeding requirements of a range of different captive birds.
Describe management techniques for the health of a range of different birds.
Appreciate behavioural traits of any birds you keep, and understand how to properly manage and respond to those traits; and if so desired, train the birds you keep.
Manage the breeding of different types of birds.
Identify opportunities for working in the aviculture industry.



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