Designed for the African Violet enthusiast, this course covers everything from potting and feeding, to pests and propagation. You learn how African Violets are classified, and cover the exciting range of varieties available. Heres your chance to achieve outstanding results with African Violets.

Home Studies Course: Learn to Grow African Violets

This is a course for the passionate African Violet enthusiast or Commercial Grower.

It develops a broad knowledge of African violet cultivars and cultivation; and in doing so, provide a foundation upon which you can better pursue your interest in these fascinating plants.

Lesson Content

There are eight lessons including a special project in this course, as follows:

1. Introduction

Review of the system of plant identification, varieties and groups of indoor plants, information contacts (ie: nurseries, seed, clubs etc.)

2. Culture

Planting, staking, mulching, watering, feeding, pruning, protection, etc.

3. Propagation

4. Pests & Diseases

5. Light and its Affects

6. Greenhouse Culture

7. Ways to Use African Violets (Containers, in the ground, in greenhouses, growing for profit)

8. Special Assignment

Course Duration - 100 hours

Course Aims

  • Describe how African Violets and related plants are classified and the plant naming system
  • Describe the cultural requirements of African violets
  • Select appropriate propagating materials and using them, propagate African violets.
  • Identify and control pest and diseases of African violets
  • Discuss the role that light plays in the growth of African violets
  • Describe greenhouses and other environmental control equipment used for growing African violets.
  • Describe the various ways in which African violets can be grown
  • Demonstrate the knowledge acquired for a specific group or individual plant in the Gesneriaceae family through research.