Do you want to be an Australian Native Fern expert? 
  • Build a beautiful fernery
  • Re-vegetate with native ferns
  • Work with Australian Native Ferns
  • Learn to identify Australian Native Ferns
  • Learn to propagate Australian native ferns
Learn which ferns occur naturally in Australia, how to identify them, where to obtain accurate information on them, how to propagate them, growing and using ferns in baskets, terrariums, and landscapes.

Learn to Grow and Use Australian Ferns 

Australia is home to a wide variety of ferns; and many have become popular garden, or indoor plants in places beyond their natural habitat.

Certain Australian tree ferns for instance, are extremely popular in the United Kingdom.

Australian Maiden hair Ferns are widely grown as indoor plants both across Australia, and beyond.

Take this course to build expertise in the identification and culture of Australian ferns.

Course Structure

This course has eight lessons

  1. Introduction & Resources
  2. Culture - Planting, mulching, watering, pest & disease, feeding etc
  3. Propagation
  4. The Most Commonly Grown Varieties. Maidenhairs, tree ferns, stags, elks, common ground ferns.
  5. Other Important Groups - Blechnum, Nephrolepis, Pteris etc.
  6. Other Varieties -Hares foot ferns, Bracken, Fans.
  7. Making The Best Use Of Native Ferns. In containers, in the ground, indoor plants, growing and showing etc.
  8. Special Assignment - On one genera of ferns.

Duration:  100 hours