Learn How to Grow Bonsai

This course offers great value and provides knowledge about how to create bonsai from a wide range of plants. 
Join the many who have learnt the ancient oriental art of bonsai through this practical and comprehensive course. Eight lessons cover the selection of plants suited to bonsai, understanding the history and classic shapes which form the basis of the art, techniques of planting, training, pruning, watering & feeding and ways of using bonsai both indoors and outdoors. You will create several bonsai of your own during the course and receive constructive criticism from your tutor as they help you develop your own personal bonsai style and techniques.

The Art of Bonsai

Creating bonsai is often considered to be a complex skill which requires many years of practice and devotion to attain desirable results but this is not strictly true. Of course, is does require knowledge and commitment but it is possible to achieve worthwhile results in a relatively short space of time whether as a hobby or on a commercial scale. You just need enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Before you can start to understand bonsai, you need to obtain a basic understanding of growing plants (horticulture); how to identify and select appropriate species of plants for bonsai, and how to keep them healthy.  Plants which are suited for bonsai in one location may not necessarily be suitable in another place.

How to create, grow and maintain bonsai plants

  • Expand your horticultural skills
  • For nurserymen, gardeners, landscapers, bonsai enthusiasts
  • 100 hour, self paced course

Some people get involved with bonsai as a hobby; but for others it can become far more than that, as a lifelong passion, and a significant source of income.

Many plant nurseries or garden centres maintain sections where they grow and sell bonsai plants, bonsai pots, and other tools and equipment used to create bonsai. Some nurseries specialize in bonsai; not only selling plants and materials, but also providing maintenance services and even classes.

If you want to make a career out of bonsai this is certainly viable; particularly in big cities where a large and diverse population exists.

Course Structure & Content

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction
  2. Propagation
  3. Plants for Bonsai
  4. Bonsai Styles and Techniques
  5. Creating Bonsai
  6. Bonsai Culture and Maintenance
  7. Landscaping Principles for Bonsai
  8. Special Assignment

What is Bonsai 

There are many different ways of classifying the styles of bonsai. A basic way might be to group into 5 categories:

  1. Formal upright
  2. Informal upright
  3. Slanting
  4. Semi Cascade
  5. Cascade

These groups are largely self explanatory, based on whether the tree grows straight up or out and down over the edge of the pot, or to what degree it grows somewhere between the two extremes.

Want to know More?

If you do then this could be a great course for you.


Benefits of Studying This Course

This course could not only indulge a passion for bonsai and help you to explore your creativity. It could also be taken as part of a certificate or other qualification. It might also help you to explore other study or work opportunities. It suited to:



Garden designers


People with an interest in bonsai or setting up a bonsai business