How to Grow Annuals
Experts are required! Annuals are a valuable horticultural crop grown commercially as cut flowers, as seedlings or as advanced pots of colour. It is big business and people with dedicated expertise in this field are always sought after. This eight lesson course reveals the secrets of how to identify annual species, what to grow and when to grow each variety. It covers soil improvement, pest control, irrigation, propagation, greenhouse growing, hydroponics and much more. It is equally as useful to the home gardener and to the professional gardener as to those intending to grow annuals commercially.

Learn How to Grow Annuals for Cut Flowers or Colourful Garden Displays

Who should Do this course?

  • Gardeners
  • Cut Flower Growers
  • Garden Designers
  • Florists
  • Anyone wanting to identify, understand and/or grow annual flowers


Course structure

This subject has 8 lessons as follows:

1. Introduction

Review of the system of plant identification, physiology, information sources

2. Culture

Planting, staking, mulching, watering, feeding, pruning, etc

3. Propagation

Methods of propagating annuals.

Propagation of selected varieties of annuals.

4. Hydroponics.

5. Pest& Disease

6. Irrigation

7. Greenhouse Management.

8. Harvest, Post Harvest & Quality.



  • Discuss the classification of annual flowering plants through the plant naming system.
  • Discuss culture requirements of annuals.
  • Propagate annuals.
  • Explain methods of hydroponic culture in relation to annuals
  • Identify pest and diseases of annuals
  • Describe various types of irrigation systems and the water requirements of annuals.
  • Describe various greenhouses and related equipment available.
  • Determine procedures for the handling of annuals during and after harvest.
  • Design annual flower beds.




Annuals are grown widely around the world, in home gardens, public parks and other places; primarily because they can provide a quick and spectacular, and often colourful display. They are not usually the cheapest way of planting an area; but nevertheless their potential to impress, ensures they will always have a place in horticulture.

Annuals are plants which are able to grow from a seed to a mature plant, flower, and produce seed all within the space of one year.

An annual is any plant which completes its full life cycle in one year.

Generally annuals are grown in the garden for a period of less than one year, with the expressed purpose of providing flowers and colour.

The major advantages of annuals are:

  • they produce flowers quickly
  • they can be changed frequently

Annuals are grown both as commercial cut flower crops and as bedding plants (bedding plants are plants grown in a garden bed on a temporary basis).