• How to Grow Grevilleas
  • How to Use Grevilleas in the Garden
  • How to propagate Grevilleas
Become an expert on Grevilleas through this eight lesson course.

It provides a thorough grounding in identifying, growing and using grevilleas.

A valuable course for:

  • Nurserymen
  • Gardeners
  • Landscapers and Garden Designers
  • Anyone with a passion for Grevilleas

Home Studies Course -Growing Grevilleas

Become an expert on Grevilleas, developing a thorough grounding in identifying, selecting varieties, growing and using grevilleas. Study many of the major species and hybrid groups, including Clearview hybrids, banksii hybrids, Poorinda hybrids, rosmarinifolia varieties, juniperina varieties, groundcovers, shrubs and trees.

Course Aims

  • Identify a range of different Grevilleas.
  • Explain the culture of different types of Grevilleas.
  • Propagate different Grevilleas
  • Discuss different uses for Grevilleas
  • Compare identifiable characteristics and cultural preferences of a range of Grevilleas.
  • Discuss a range of Grevillea hybrids and cultivars
  • Identify and compare a range of commonly cultivated Grevilleas.
  • Discuss one Grevillea species, cultivar or type in depth.

Course Structure

1. Introduction & Resources.
2. Culture - Planting, staking, mulching, watering, pest & disease, feeding etc.
3. Propagation
4. The Most Commonly Grown Varieties. Latest hybrids and trustworthy oldies.
5. Other Important Groups. Poorinda hybrids, banksii hybrids, etc.
6. The Lesser Grown Groups. Species, size, flower colour and foliage.
7. Making The Best Use of Grevilleas. In containers, in the ground, growing for profit, etc (to sell the plants).
8. Special Assignment - One plant or group.


Using Grevilleas as Cut Flowers

The banksii type hybrids have particularly good potential for use as cut flowers.

The colours are brilliant, the flowers large, and they will last just as long as many other commonly used cut flowers. They produce flowers all year round in an appropriate climate, and that is a real bonus for any cut flower. This consistent flowering makes it possible to put them into appropriate markets at whatever time of year is the best for that market.


Grevilleas as Bird Attracting Plants

a) Most grevilleas are bird attracting plants; nectar feeding birds sip nectar from the flowers.

b) Insect eating birds are also attracted to the insects living on the plants - interestingly insects are more attracted to white flowering types.

c) Prickly and dense grevilleas also provide protected nesting sites for small birds.

d) Birds and insects help to pollinate your grevilleas too.

e) With some thought you could have grevillea species flowering in your garden all year round providing important food and habitat for birds and insects.

f) Avoid chemical sprays otherwise you risk killing the insects that attract birds to the garden.

g) Banksii type hybrids are particularly good at attracting parrots and honeyeaters.


Grevilleas for Scent

The following grevilleas are scented. Some have very sweet scents, others have unattractive odours.

Attractive Scents:

  • G. buxifolia - honey scent
  • G. costata - sweet scent
  • G. australis - strong sweet scent
  • G. polybotrya - caramel scent
  • G. umbellulata - spicy scent


Unattractive Scents:

  • G. leucopteris
  • G. manglesoides
  • G. prostrata


Grevilleas in Pots

Container gardening can suit grevilleas well – but is usually limited to about 3 years before you should plant it out in the garden.

Containers must be well drained (ie. have ample holes at the bottom), and the potting mix must be freely draining, otherwise there is little that can go wrong provided you keep plants in containers large enough for their size.

Grevilleas like good drainage and will tolerate some dryness, and both of these conditions are often factors found in container growing.

 Grevilleas in Rock Gardens

There are many grevilleas which do well as rockery plants. Larger species are probably not suited as they can overwhelm and cover the rocks, but ground covers and compact shrubs are excellent for this situation.

Other Uses

Grevilleas can be used for many other things beyond those mentioned here. If you want to learn more; consider doing the course.