Animal Welfare

Do you have goals and aspirations for a career in helping animals? 

Advance your Career Opportunities

You are among a multitude of people who have a passion to work with helping animals. The empathy, compassion and care that so many of us have to want to stand up for animals who cannot stand up for themselves is compelling. It is great that you have the passion to do this... but you also need knowledge and experience.

This course will provide you with insightful information about various industries and practices where animals are used. You will learn about animal welfare practices, animal welfare issues and animal welfare services.

The course is intensive and enlightening, and will leave you well-equipped to improve your chances of gaining work in the industry. Our Animal Welfare course is unlike other online courses. We give you an experiential experience - where every lesson is accompanied with tasks that give you the opportunity to apply your learning to the outside physical world for an enhanced learning experience.   


What exactly does Animal Welfare encompass?

The physical wellbeing of the animal.

The psychological wellbeing of the animal.

The appropriate provision of basic animal needs e.g. food, water, shelter.

The application of suitable animal husbandry practices.

A suitable environment for the animal to live in.

Humane slaughtering methods for animals raised for human consumption.

Access to appropriate medical treatment/prevention of diseases.


Work opportunities in Animal Welfare

Job opportunities attributed to animal welfare are available in a variety of animal industries including:

  • Domestic animals
  • Animals in agriculture –animals for food/food products and working animals
  • Animals in zoos and wildlife parks
  • Animal breeding
  • Animals used in research
  • Racing animals

There are a multitude of careers you can consider that are related to animal welfare:

  • Animal Welfare Inspector
  • Animal Welfare Educator
  • Animal Attendant
  • Animal Carer
  • Animal Trainer
  • Animal Handler
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Pet Minder/ Pet Fostering
  • Behind the scenes roles, e.g. administration, marketing