Advance Your Career Prospects in the Health and Fitness industries.

This course creates the key skills needed to work in or manage facilities and services concerned with health or fitness, for example, exercise programs, fitness centres, clubs, gymnasiums, sports complexes, sports administration and swimming pools.

Study, Learn and Work in Health and Fitness industries

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  • Learn to be a Health or Fitness Industry Manager

There are 4 core units common to all streams of this Advanced Certificate, VBS001. These involve 400 hours of study in total. Three health and fitness units involve another 300 hours of study. A workplace project on the health and fitness industry involves the final 200 hrs of study.

CORE UNITS Click on each module for more details

Office Practices      Develops basic office skills covering use of equipment, communication systems (telephone, fax, etc) and office procedures such as filing, security, workplace organisations, etc.

Business Operations
Develops knowledge of basic business operations and procedures (eg. types of businesses, financial management, business analysis, staffing, productivity, etc) and the skills to develop a 12 month business plan.

Develops knowledge of management structures, terminology, supervision, recruitment and workplace health and safety.

Marketing Foundations.
Develops a broad understanding of marketing and specific skills in writing advertisements, undertaking market research, developing an appropriate marketing plan and selling.



Module 1: Health & Wellbeing

This comprehensive foundation course develops an understanding of the nature and scope of human health and wellbeing, and of the health and fitness industry looking at subjects such as nutrition, lifestyle, preventative health, and alternative medicine.

Module 2: Personal Fitness

This highly practical course helps you to understand what fitness really is, and enables you to develop a balanced fitness program for yourself or for people around you covering topics such as the human body, principals of exercise programming, and weight control.

Module 3: Leisure Facility Management I

This comprehensive introductory course focuses on the management and development of recreational facilities (eg. Leisure centres, Swim Centres, Sporting complexes, Gymnasiums, Health clubs etc.) Over 13 lessons, it deals with both day to day management as well as more broad based planning, development and redevelopment.


This is the final requirement that you must satisfy before receiving your award.

There are two options available to you to satisfy this requirement:

Alternative 1.

If you work in the industry that you have been studying; you may submit a reference from your employer, in an effort to satisfy this industry (ie. workplace project) requirement; on the basis of RPL (ie. recognition for prior learning), achieved through your current and past work experience.

The reference must indicate that you have skills and an awareness of your industry, which is sufficient for you to work in a position of responsibility.

Alternative 2.

If you do not work in the relevant industry, there are plenty of other options for satisfying this requirement of the course.