This course provides a management oriented training for people wanting to work in the health and fitness or recreation industries in a technical or management capacity. Graduates will have a broad understanding of human health together with specialised skills that will be developed through your choice of elective units.

Train to be the best Fitness Professional that you can be.

Improve your capacity to work in a wide range of situations, such as: Health Club Manager, Recreation Officer, Technical Officer, Marketing Manager, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Recreation/Fitness Consultant, Vocational Trainer.

: 2,500 hours minimum nominal duration, including:


Since this is a self-paced learning program, the student can study at a rate according to their ability and capabilities. This course may be studied over 3 years or less on a full time basis, or up to 8 years on a part time basis.


Core Modules These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Diploma In Recreation Studies - Fitness.

  • Leisure Facility Management I BRE205
  • Leisure Management III BRE204
  • Leisure Facility Management II BRE306
  • Leisure Management IV BRE305
  • Biochemistry I (Animal and Human) BSC103
  • Business Studies BBS101
  • Health & Fitness I BRE101
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) BSC101
  • Human Nutrition 1 BRE102
  • Instructional Skills BGN101
  • Leisure Management 1 BRE103
  • Leisure Management II BRE104
  • Research Project I BGN102
  • Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
  • Workshop I BGN103
  • Industry Project BIP000
  • Industry Project II BIP001

Elective Modules In addition to the core modules, students study any 9 of the following 15 modules.

  • Sports Psychology BPS106
  • Advanced Aerobics BRE208
  • Aquafitness BRE207
  • Health & Fitness II BRE201
  • Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health) BSS200
  • Human Nutrition II BRE202
  • Nutrition for Weight Loss BRE210
  • Resistance & Gym Supervision BRE206
  • Workshop II BGN203
  • Cardiorespiratory Performance (Human Biology III) BSC301
  • Health & Fitness III BRE301
  • Human Nutrition III BRE302
  • Life Coaching BPS305
  • Sports Nutrition BRE303
  • Weight Loss Consultant BRE307

Introducing our School

ACS was established in 1979 by John Mason, who at the time was lecturing for various colleges (TAFE, Higher Education, University) Community Centers and Council of Adult Education in Australia. He was already author of a book "Fun & Fitness Trails" for the Victorian Dept of Sport & Recreation; and a former Director of Parks and Recreation (Essendon Council).

High standards were adopted from the start; for example:

  • Tutors hold a 3 year, full time post secondary qualification (outside education)
  • Tutors have 5 years relevant experience
  • Courses (modules or short courses) are 100 hours duration
  • Certificates are generally 600 hours

By adhering to standards ACS has built sound credentials and is regarded and recognized highly by academics and industry professionals globally.

Our philosophy is relatively simple, but not always common in education today:

We believe education should aim to improve a student's capacity to understand and develop in their chosen field of study; and that a course is a starting point that lays a foundation for future development. We believe quality education requires real life interaction between the teacher and student; and restricting access to tutors can devalue the quality of a course. Education is not just about information (any book or web site can provide that). Good education is a carefully contrived and delivered learning experience that changes the student, improving their ability to function within the discipline they study.

Graduates from ACS have been successful in all types of vocational situations, winning jobs and developing careers in academic positions, through to small business and trades.

We welcome the opportunity to talk (or communicate via email) with any prospective student before they enroll with us. Let us help you make the best choice of course. There are many well established facts regarding education which people often discover when it is too late, for example:

  • Over 60% of people do not end up working in the field they studied (even university degree graduates)
  • Most people who commence courses (college, polytechnic, TAFE, university) never complete them.
  • While some people can earn big money in "some" professions, a qualification is rarely a guarantee for big earnings.
  • Being successful in business requires a certain personality type as well as other things
  • Most accredited courses take years to develop and approve -which in today's fast paced world often means they are out of date before you graduate.

Our staff know their industries, and before you even enroll, they can provide very unique insights that can be a great help in helping you choose something that is appropriate and useful for your needs.


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