If you're considering setting up and managing a Bed and Breakfast or Guesthouse this is the course for YOU!

Learn to set up and manage a Guest House, or Bed and Breakfast operation. The course covers facilities, decor, equipment, customer service, supplying meals, financial management, marketing and more.

Opening your home to paying guests is not for everyone but for some it can be a wonderful way to earn a living, meet interesting people and make use of otherwise unused space, all at the same time

Start a Bed and Breakfast, Farm Stay or Guesthouse Business


Who Should Study?

  • Anyone new to this industry, owners to managers and support staff
  • Anyone already operating a B & B, who is seeking to implove their business

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the scope and nature of the industry
  • Discover opportunities you might not have thought of previously
  • Develop contacts (networking) within the industry

How Long will it take?

  • 100 hours
  • Start any time, work at your own pace
  • Vary the hours you put in from week to week if you wish
  • Most students complete this course in 6 months or less; some take longer

This course is relevant to any form of house or home type accommodation provided primarily for tourists. This is distinctly different to hotel accommodation which is not in a "home style" setting.

Guesthouses and B & B's do not have the hustle & bustle of hotels. They are able to provide a simpler form of accommodation, catering to smaller numbers of guests, and providing a more informal or even personal interaction between guests and staff/owners.

What Does the Course Cover

This subject has seven lessons:

  1. Introduction to Management & Marketing
  2. Facilities and Decor
  3. Customer Service
  4. Equipment
  5. Supplying Meals
  6. Food Purchasing
  7. Records and Financial Management



  • Identify the scope and nature of skills required for successful bed and breakfast or guesthouse management.
  • Discuss the provision and management of facilities and decor in a guesthouse or B & B.
  • Discuss the provision and management of equipment in a guesthouse or B & B.
  • Discuss the provision and management of meals in a guesthouse or B & B.
  • Determine the management of financial and other records in a guesthouse or B & B.
  • There are various procedures for seeking competitive prices on specified equipment.

A guest house is a private house offering paid accommodation. A bed and breakfast is generally a private house offering accommodation and breakfast in a package deal.

These are very general definitions, and could relate to any size of accommodation, and any standard of facility or service. In Britain, guest houses have become most commonly equated with seaside accommodation. In South Africa guest houses are generally found in tourist areas. In Australia, guesthouses are often larger facilities, and bed and breakfast operations are smaller.

Before starting to develop a B & B, you should consider zoning, health and any other regulations which might affect the way the establishment might be developed, and/or operated.

It is often easier to start with a new building, but this might not always be the case.

Old buildings may offer character or history which will attract guests (though they may be more difficult to fit out than a new building).

The amount of redevelopment required before opening for business can vary greatly. It really depends upon what you want to offer guests, and how easy you want the facility to operate. Things you do at this stage can make it easier later to service guests and maintain the facility.