Learn to write scripts for a variety of media, including film, television, and educational purposes

Scriptwriting is a specialist form of writing that focuses on producing content for performance. Scripts are essential to developing video and audio content for a variety of audiences.

In this course -

  • Learn how to develop characters for fiction and non-fiction purposes.
  • Learn to write tight dialogue.
  • Learn how to develop well-rounded characters.
  • Understand the principles of scriptwriting for online markets.
  • Learn how to get started with your own business producing scripts for yourself and others.

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Scripts are essential to developing:

  • Television shows.

  • Films/cinema

  • Teaching in a classroom or online environment

  • Training

  • Radio plays

  • Podcasts

  • Advertising

  • And more...


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Plus, if you enrol today, you will also receive a free 20 hour short course in Creative Writing!


Course Structure and Lesson Content

There are 11 lessons in this course:

1. Scope and Nature of Script Writing

  • What scripts are and where they are used.

  • The story you want to tell.

  • Show, don't tell.

  • Handling time.

  • Formatting your Script.

  • Abbreviations.

2. Plotting the Screen Play

  • Types of stories.

  • Specifications.

  • Developing the storyline.

  • Fiction and creative non-fiction.

  • Other types of non-fiction.

3. Outline and Writing the Script

  • Why outlining is essential.

  • Cliff hangers.

  • Formatting outlines.

  • How to write the script.

4. Characterisation

  • Writing good characters.

  • Building characters and using profiles.

  • Character goal setting and motivation.

  • Character language.

5. Use of Dialogue and Sound Effects

  • The importance of dialogue.

  • Avoiding clichés.

  • The important of silence.

  • Sound effects and examples.

6. Writing for Internet, TV and Film

  • Time frames.

  • Fiction of non-fiction.

  • Pacing.

  • Sound effects.

  • Visuals.

  • Writing a spec.

  • Writing for online markets.

  • Sample online script.

7. Writing for Radio

  • Types of audio scripts.

  • Voice.

  • Music.

  • Sound effects.

  • Tone.

8. Writing for Training/Instructional Videos

  • One-person scripts.

  • Two-person scripts.

  • Sample script with VO (voice over).

  • Multiple-persons script.

  • Scene Visuals in training presentations.

9. Writing for Children

  • Fiction/non-fiction hybrids.

  • Children's cognitive development.

  • Implications for the writer.

  • Socialisation.

  • Culture.

  • Gender, roles, and stereotyping.

10. Writing for Advertising

  • The purpose of advertising.

  • Writing and analysing advertisements.

  • Summary skills Writing for infomercials.

11. The Business of Script Writing

  • Commercial opportunities.

  • Start your own production business.

  • Ethical and legal considerations.


Course Aims

  • Explain what script writing is and its many applications.

  • Describe and compare techniques for plotting the story.

  • Explain how to write the outline of a script and then write the script itself.

  • Explain how to write good characters in your script.

  • Explain the use of dialogue and sound effects in script writing.

  • Explain how to write for the internet, TV and film.

  • Explain how to write for radio.

  • Develop scripts for use in educational programs.

  • Develop scripts for an audience of children.

  • Develop scripts for an audience of children.

  • Develop an understanding of the business of script writing.


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