Distance Education Course in Photographic Techniques

This course develops an understanding of photographic composition to create different affects. Gain not only a theoretical foundation for creating an image, but by putting what you learn into practice, then interacting with your tutors in an analysis of your work and that of others, your capacity to understand the possibilities and create different impages will develop steadily throughout the course.


Distance Education Course in Photography Techniques

  • Learn to compose photos for conscious and contrived effect
  • Be guided by qualified and experienced professional photographers
  • Develop your technical competence, knowledge and artistic style in taking photos
  • Indulge a passion, explore your creativity -further your career or business opportunities

Create the most captivating images that you can; and learn through applying the theory, and reflecting on feedback about your images from expert tutors.


There are 8 lessons as follows:

1. Composition

  • Choosing the subject,
  • Lighting the subject,
  • Placing the subject in the frame,
  • Choosing the medium for recording

2. Photographing People

  • Snapshots,
  • Portraiture,
  • Posing for Photographs,
  • Nude Photography,
  • Fashion,
  • Photography
  • Wedding Photography

3. Nature & Landscape Photography

  • Photographing Water,
  • Plants,
  • Landscapes
  • Other Natural subjects

4. Colour vs. black & white

  • Types of film,
  • Analysing photos,
  • Photography for newspapers, etc.

5. Special Techniques

  • Creating Effects,
  • Sport Photography,
  • Cropping,
  • Non Standard Film(eg.Lith Film, InfraRed etc)

6. Illustrative Photography

  • Telling a story with a photo (eg. advertising, sports event, fashion parade or art exhibition),
  • Streetscape photography etc.

7. Publishing

  • Illustrating articles,
  • Analysing photos in magazines,
  • Understanding the industry
  • Photo opportunities

8. Business Opportunities in Photography

  • Freelance photography,
  • Commercial photography,
  • Planning a Photographic Session,
  • Studio Photography,
  • What to Charge,
  • Gallery Sales,
  • Written Contracts
  • Compose photographs in a way that matches a predetermined aim