Whether you want to work as a freelance journalist, photographer or editor, this course will help you reach your goals. It has been designed as a foundation for a career in either the exciting world of electronic or print media publishing. The course aims to provide a broad cross section of skills which are of great value to a publishing organisation. Research has shown that graduates with broad based knowledge such as this have enhanced career prospects. This course will give you a great foundation to go onto a career in the media industry.


A COMPREHENSIVE MEDIA COURSE that will give you skills in writing, photography, editing, advertising, publishing and website creation!
Want to work in the world of print media (books, magazines, newspapers) or electronic media? Skills developed in this course will give you substantially more career options in a media career. You can either freelance or work for an established firm. This course is packed with the essential information you need to launch yourself into a creative career!

This course is internationally accredited through I.A.R.C. 

Modules required include:

  • Publishing I
  • Freelance writing
  • Advanced freelance writing
  • Publishing II
  • Introduction to photography
  • Photographic technology
  • Photographic practice
  • Editing I
  • Writing an internet web site (HTML)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Research project I
  • 100hrs industry meetings
  • plus two elective modules chosen from the following: Publishing II, Publishing III, Editing II, Photographic Lighting, Wedding Photography, Photographing People, Children's Writing, Technical Writing, E Commerce, ASP.Net programming, Macromedia Flash, or Visual Basic.Net.