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Methods and techniques of genetics are applied throughout the spectrum of biological activity we see today.

In molecular biology
In population studies
In research of species evolution
In the design and application of software

Genetics has always been focused on how hereditary information influences how an organism looks and works. Research in genetics has used mutants to understand how genetic adaptations alter functions.

At the molecular end of the scale, genomics and microarray technology has enabled us to find out more about how genes make us what we are!

Learn how genetic technology is applied in:

Human health and medicine
Agriculture such as crop management and food production
Managing or breeding livestock, wildlife, and pets

This course:  
Assumes some prior knowledge 
Is not skills based and there is no practical involved in the tasks or assignments   
Covers extended theory and applications of genetics   
Is potentially suitable for RPL for missing/failed units for undergraduate degrees (year 1 or 2)

You will be able to explain: 
several non-Mendelian inheritance patterns and how they affect inheritance in plants and animals.
the basic structure of DNA and mRNA and common methods laboratory methods.
modern genetic technologies used to investigate DNA. 
complex forms of genetic inheritance, including polygenic inheritance, gene conversion, infectious heredity, and epistasis and how they affect plants, and in some cases, human health.
basic concepts of epigenetics and discuss applications for epigenetics. 
genetic modification and highlight the methods by which this can be achieved.
ethical considerations of gene editing.
the use of genomics in crops and food production.
the applications of genomics in animals.
the applications of genetic technologies in human health.

When you finish this course, you will recognise new developments in genetics and have improved your decision-making ability.

Genetic Applications is for
Science and technology managers,
health industry staff,
tech entrepreneurs,
teachers or writers,
plant breeders and animal breeders

You will learn techniques used in genetic and genomics research, with coverage of genotyping, gene cloning, genome editing, engineering, and phenotyping and more.  It provides a comprehensive coverage of the rapidly developing field of genetic application.

The course will build on our Genetics BSC207 course.  It complements many of our courses in plant breeding, animal breeding, managing innovation, agriculture, horticulture, science and technology.


There are 10 lesson in this course. You will be supported by a tutor as you need. 

Lesson 1: Inheritance Patterns and Non-Mendelian Genetics
Mendelian genetics
Mendel’s law of inheritance
Non- Mendelian genetics and inheritance patterns
Multiple allele traits
Incomplete dominance
Inheritance tools

Lesson 2: Genetic Foundations
Nucleic acids
Structure of DNA
Genomic DNA
Genomic libraries
Complementary DNA
Generating cDNA libraries
Autosomal DNA
Mitochondrial DNA
Structure of mRNA

Lesson 3: Genetic Technologies
ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay)
Application of microarray
PCR (polymer chain reaction)
Gel Electrophoresis
Types of PCR
DNA sequencing technologies
Application of PCR and DNA sequencing technology

Lesson 4: Complex Genetic Inheritance
Polygenic inheritance
Gene conversion
Cytoplasmic inheritance
Infectious Heredity
Sex- linked inheritance

Lesson 5: Epigenetics
Histone modification
DNA methylation

Lesson 6: Genetic Modification (Genetic Engineering)
Gene editing
Genetic Recombination
Horticultural application of mutagenesis

Lesson 7: Genome Editing and Ethical Considerations
Somatic vs Germline gene editing
Ethical considerations

Lesson 8: Genomics and Crop Development
Uses of genetic technology in agriculture
Genetically modified plants
Types of genetic modification
Benefits of GM crops
Examples of different GM crops

Lesson 9:Genomics and Livestock Development
Genomics in livestock
Trait selection
Transgenic Animals
Other animal genomic programs

Lesson 10: Genomics and Human Health
The Human Genome Project
Human health and disease
Personalised medicine
Case studies

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