Learn how to plan research that culminates in the preparation of an academically sound thesis.

This course is designed to build  on existing research skills, and discipline expertise.

If you know your discipline; have a broad understanding of research techniques or methods; but need to bring all of that together to prepare a thesis; or major research paper for publishing; this course could be just what you seek.

Learn to develop an thesis for publication.


There are ten lessons in this module as follows:
1. The Problem Statement
2. The Literature Review Part One
3. The Literature Review Part Two
4. The Hypothesis
5. The Method
6. Data Collection
7. Research Proposal
8. Thesis Writing
9. Ethics
10. Where To From Here

Duration:  100 hours


  • Construct a problem statement
  • Identify related literature resources which correspond to ‘the problem statement’
  • Understand nature of hypotheses and methods of hypothesis development
  • Develop initial method for your research project
  • Identify the data sources for the research project
  • Complete a Research Proposal
  • Understand how to structure a thesis
  • Complete an Ethics Form to gain approval for research
  • Write a thesis draft.