Alternative Education



Learn to be a Business Coach

  • Enhance Prior studies and experience
  • Open up new employment Opportunities
  • Learn to help others with developing and maintaining their businesses

Business Coaching is expanding. More and more businesses today are using consultants or coaches to help identify problems, plan responses and guide businesses to improved success.



Want to work as a Lecturer or Instructor?

This course develops the "people skills" side of training. It shows you how to handle students more effectively; how to enthuse them and keep them committed to their studies; and how to diffuse problems that might undermine their ability to effectively learn.



Have you always wanted to develop online learning courses?


You can! Gain skills and develop yourself and your C.V. or resume! Catch the eye of employers.  

This short course is ideal for professional development for anyone already working in education, or works well for anyone starting out and jumping into developing courses for the online learner! 

This course is completely unique! It is written and has been developed and delivered by people with 30 years experience in the sector. 

  • Find out what matters in courses delivered online. 
  • Find out how to engage learners in their student experience. 
  • Work on curriculum and qualification development. 
  • Explore some of the keys concepts of online and home based education. 
  • Understand the regulation and frameworks form the basis on which online education is developed. 

Online learning is an essential and increasingly popular mode of education. It's necessity in training programs and learning and development department is creating a big demand for course developers. While many people are skilled and trained in education, often there's more to learn about delivering education in the online environment. 



Want to teach People How to Learn through Home Studies?

Learn to deliver education through distance education modes, including paper based correspondence courses, on line training, video courses, telephone conferencing and e-learning.



If English is your Second Language; this may be a Course for You!

This course will develop your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to write in English for business and study. The course is aimed at students who can write and speak basic English and wish to strengthen their English language skills, particularly their writing skills. Students will learn by reading the course notes, completing written and spoken exercises for each lesson, and submitting them for comment and correction.



Study Horticultural Therapy

Do you have a passion for helping others? Interested in Horticulture?

Horticultural therapy is a powerful way for working therapeutically with people.

An exciting, emerging industry - step outside of the norm, follow your passions, and develop an interesting and highly rewarding career - become a Horticultural Therapist.

Horticultural therapy (also known as‘social and therapeutic horticulture’) uses the activities associated with horticulture such as gardening, plant propagation, plant care, visits to natural environments and gardens and parks etc. in personal development; to engender a feeling of well-being, improve physical health and encourage social interaction.



Life Coach Training - Open Learning Course

ACS Distance Education is an organisational member of the Association For Coaching. Students on the course are eligible to join the association as student members.
Life coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career. This course will teach you how to help others. Support them to lose weight, be promoted, find a new career, resolve difficult problems. It will enable people in health, fitness, counselling, social work and other professions to help others set and achieve life goals. Develop your skills in setting and achieving goals, not only for yourself but for those who seek your assistance. Some students who have prior experience or training in a related field such as health, fitness, counselling, social work, psychology or naturopathy.

This course will enable people in health, fitness, counselling, social work etc to help others set and achieve life goals. Develop an appreciation of how different perceptions of the world can be just as critical as knowledge, skill and opportunity in a person's success or failure. The course also covers such things as coaching processes, coaching skills and goal setting; and is equally relevant to developing both physical and psychological well being in the client.


ACS is now an organisational member (OMAC) of the Association for Coaching (UK)



Teacher Training for Alternative Education

Education comes in many different shapes and forms, and traditional education systems do not suit everyone. Some people simply don’t learn as well in a highly structured or conventional situation. Sometimes, a parent or employer seeks a different kind of learning: perhaps one that is more focused on the capacity to be innovative and creative and less focused on learning facts and skills; or learning that is more based on developing problem-solving skills. Also, there is a worldwide increasing demand for more flexible forms of delivery or multi-model education. We have designed this course for educators and trainers who want to develop the skills and broader perspective that will help them meet these new and changing demands. It will help you develop alternative education strategies and alternative educational options to meet the changing needs of students and employers.

With its emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning, this course is ideal as a supplement or complement to education certificates, diplomas or degrees, and also, as a basic training course for educators or trainers who are interested in alternative education methods.