4 Weekend Courses to Boost Work Porospects


Lots of people have 90+ % of what is needed to  they need to be very successful in the workplace; but are often blind to the 10% they are missing

If you have applied for jobs, or tried to start a business and failed; you are probably missing something and simply not seeing what you are missing.

Having a qualification, skill or expertise in  a particular discipline can be a big (and essential) factor in success; but the most successful people in any industry are always the ones that have something extra. They are able to see things in a different way, and think outside the box, and often that can be because apart from their "mainstream" studies or experience, they have also studied or experienced something different to most others in their industry. This allows them to see things from a different perspective. It isn't just having an extra bit of knowledge that is handy -that extra knowledge may be giving you an edge in not only what you can do, but also how you think.

ACS Short Courses (launched at the start of 2016) are designed to give you just such an edge. The following four courses can be particularly useful in just about any industry:

    Small Business Start Up
    Consumer Behaviour
    Managing Events
    Creative Writing

See http://www.acseduonline.com/courses/shorter-study-programs-26


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