Casual Work Future

The workplace is changing.

The rate of change is accelerating; and to cope with with change, businesses are increasingly employing people on a casual basis rather than a permanent basis.

Tomorrows world is going to be one where careers are very different to what they have been in the past.

Today I heard an "expert" talking about "unemployment in youth".
They suggested that more than 30% of school leavers in developed countries face long periods of unemployment; largely because attitudes are not changing fast enough.

There is work, and there are opportunities; but the future is one for casual employment, diversity in careers and entrepreneurship.

If you want to earn well and be secure in employment, you will need to become more of a self starter, nurturing your entrepreneurial skills and developing a mindset that neither looks for or expects for find a secure job and stay in that same job for a long period of time.

Entrepreneurs are no different to most other people in who they are and what they are capable of doing. They are only different in how they act. They will attempt to create an enterprise that delivers a service or goods that are different to what has been supplied before. The difference in what they are supplying could be small, or it could be large. Some become wealthy in the process. Most have much milder success or else fail. Motivated entrepreneurs keep trying, again and again; until they have sufficient success to make all of the attempts worth while. This is a pathway that anyone can follow; and it is likely, most will be forced into following if they want any chance of success in a career of the future.

Prepare yourself by learning about entrepreneurship. 
Get involved, try things, read, observe what successful entrepreneurs do, and perhaps study entrepreneurship.
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