Focus is important to any learning

The way to focus is by systematically considering the various thoughts that are floating around what you want to learn, and systematically eliminating all but one, and that one should be the most important one.

For Example: 

1st - Remove distractions
  • Remove irrelevant or unnecessary stimuli (e.g. noise, excessive cold or heat, hunger, interesting views through a window, etc).
  • Think about anything going on in your life at present which is irrelevant to the learning at hand (e.g. What you are going to do tonight or on the weekend, problems with money or relationships, etc); then consciously decide to remove your attention from these things.
2nd - Develop a Focal Point
  • Absorb the facts of what you are studying, and look for the most important of those facts.
    Understand and summarize in your own mind what the core of that factual information is about.
3rd - Relate Everything back to the Focal Point
  • Consider each piece of factual information one at a time, and how that information relates to the core focal point.

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