Improve your memory

How to Remember Easier

You take lecture notes, read the text books, study, and still, after a week, you forget the key points. Does this sound like you? Maybe you need to take steps to improve your long-term memory.


1. Create blocks or chunks of information
Identify Key or Main Ideas, and group little ideas under these main ideas.
(Think of main ideas as headings for groups of smaller ideas).

2. Take a little at a time
Break complex information into bits that are easier to understand and remember.
(Then, relate those bits to each other for the whole picture).

3. Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse
Review information until you really understand it.
Practice a skill until you no longer have to think about it.
(Find new ways to review the information or skill to activate all your memory mechanisms -
sing it, draw it, say it out loud, say or do it with passion, write it down).

4. See the whole picture
Fit what you have learned into what you already know.
Think about the effects of this information on your opinions and on others.
Look for real life uses of this information or skill.
(Use the information or skill when possible to keep it in your long-term memory)


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