Learning Matters more than Qualifications

Learning Matters Much More than being Qualified.

We need to recognise that our attitude to being "qualified" has got out of hand in our modern culture. Kids who don't succeed at school and get a uni degree are made to think they have failed. I hear parents saying their teenagers just have to knuckle down and forget about having fun between 16 and 20 years of age; so they can be OK for the rest of their lives. This is horrific! In an age where adults are obsessed with health, well being, eating well, and managing stress; why are we laying the foundation for extreme health issues in later life by conditioning teenagers to a life under extreme pressure?

In reality, qualifications do not matter all that much. What really matters is learning things and improving your capacity to understand, be aware, make decisions and perform. The intensity & rate of learning is not as important as the quality and relevance.

One must ask; is it better to learn and remember long enough to pass an exam, then forget; or to learn less, but more relevant things, more intensely, so that they are never forgotten for as long as the person lives; even if no exams are failed. Employers will employ people who can perform; not people who passed an exam then forgot what they learned.

Our courses at ACS Distance Education are focused on helping people learn, as opposed to other institutions that focus on assessing the student then providing some formal endorsement.

At the end of the day, assessment and endorsement means you have met minimum standards; but in doing so, the focus on learning is split between learning and qualifications.

We don't split focus. Our effort is almost entirely on helping you learn: which means learning is better; and ultimately the person who learns better is more successful than thew one who might be endorsed as meeting minimum standards, but has learned less.

When deciding on your career, it can muddy the water of what is really important to get bogged down with accreditation. When you start doing that your focus on what is really important becomes diminished.