Pen is mightier than the Keyboard

Research has shown that students who take notes with a pen and paper tend to remember what they write, better than students taking notes on a computer or similar device.

The brain is a  complex thing, which we are learning more about all the time. It would appear that the tactile actions involved with writing each letter and moving the hand in a different way for every letter, is going to lodge in a person's memory better than the physical action of tapping keys.

When you tap keys, your eyes may be seeing something different for each letter; but your finger is doing exactly the same action for each letter -just doing it in a different location.

When you write a letter with a pen, your fingers are not only in a different location, but also moving in a different way. Writing with a pen is in this way more complex; and when there is greater complexity, the brain is processing more information.

Computers may have enabled us in many ways; but there are potential down sides. This is one. Can you think of any others?