Professional Associations Help

The role of professional bodies is changing; most are not adapting -but there is still value in joining associations.

Some networking functions are now catered for through online social media, conferences & seminars are not as relevant as they once were & bureaucratic systems are losing relevance -nevertheless, personal interaction between peers via an association will always have just needs to evolve and find it's position in a world that is different -we all need to get our heads away from a past mindset and into a future mindset when we visualize what an association should be.

The world is moving too fast for governments and bureaucracies to keep pace - and associations have not always come to grips with that fact.

Standards and CPD Systems are often country based; but people are working internationally. Associations often offer services that reflect the past; but the rate of change often makes the pass irrelevant.

 Nevertheless, being a member of an association gives you a point of contact with your peers; and what is more, provides you with a way of demonstrating that you have that point of contact; and you are committed enough to your profession to belong and pay annual fees.

For a customer, client or employer; your membership of an association, gives them an indication that you are more likely to be a competent professional.

For you, as a member of an association, you will have access to services and colleagues in a way you might not have had without that membership. At the very least, approaching a colleague and saying "I'm also a member", may well make them more receptive to talk with you.