Teach People Computers

Everyone needs to know and understand computers; but unless you have time to do a course, or have a super smart family member or friend at hand to help you; it can be easy to encounter insurmountable problems.

For some people, computer problems are dealt with one by one as they are encountered; but all too often, this involves going to a computer shop or consultant, and going in a queue. In the meantime, you cannot use your computer.


There is a business opportunity in this problem.

If you can sell the idea, people will employ you to come to their home or business, and provide priovate tuition in how to use their computer equipment. There may be opportunities to work with computer equipment supply companies  also. If you strike the right deal, people might be offered thew option of engaging your services to visit their home, set up their newly purchased equipment, install software, and teach them how to make betture use of the equipment and software.



Jim is a bit of a computer nerd. He may have worked in information technology, programming computers for several years; or may have simply spent a lot of time with computers at home, teaching himself.

He may be at a dead end in his work; so he started to look at alternatives. He still found computers and IT fascinating, but wanted to work more with other people.

A friend of his worked at a local college and said they were looking for someone who could teach older people to use computers for the first time. Jim decided to give it a go. Now with Jim, he obviously already has some skills, so let’s turn his steps around.

  • Existing Skills - Jim has a lot of knowledge about computers and information technology. He can programme a computer well. BUT he is not an experienced teacher. Does he have the skills required to explain to others how to use a computer?  

  • Complementary Skills - Jim decides that he needs to improve his complementary skills to enable to do teacher. He has worked on helpdesks before explaining to people how to resolve problems on their computers. But he does not have knowledge in explaining how to do things in a classroom setting, preparing presentations and so on.  The college gives him the job on the condition that he starts teacher training. He attends the training and learns to prepare presentations, explain things step by step and so on.  

  • People Skills - as well as the teaching skills, Jim also observes other teachers and how they interact with their students, encouraging them to learn and so on. As he is working with adults, he feels able to teach them as equals.  Jim had already decided that he wanted to work with people. He has spent years working on computers. Although he has worked with other people, his main work role has been solitary. He therefore questions whether he has the skills necessary to work with people.  He has always been sociable outside of work and decides to build on those people skills to improve his teaching performance.  Jim also asks another teacher to observe him in the classroom and give him tips on his performance. Jim is keen to improve his performance and makes use of his teaching course, constructive feedback, and so forth to ensure that he improves his performance as an IT teacher.

You may find that the way to get started in a computer business might be to study business, marketing and communication skills. If you already know computers; you may not need any further training in I.T.  If you can find a niche market, sell your services, and provide an outstanding service; you may just have the beginnings of a very successful small business.


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