Account Manager

What Does An Account Manager Do?

An account manager usually works for a company or business and is responsible for maintaining a relationship with a particular client or clients and managing sales.  The manager will not manage the daily running of the account, but supervise the overall relationship.  A client will usually remain with one account manager throughout their time with a company.  The account manager will also interact with the customer service and sales team and assignment accounts to staff members.  The aim is to create a longer term relationship with clients and so hopefully keep their business for longer.  For example, in a marketing form, an account manager may have a relationship with a big customer, so oversees the running of the marketing, sales with the customer, accounts and so on. They basically oversee that the customer is treated well and the account works well.  The account manager may have many accounts to oversee or only one, depending on the size of the account.   Or they may be in charge of accounts in a particular area of the country. For example, in the UK, an account manager may be in charge of London and surrounding areas, or Wales or Scotland. Or for larger firms, an account manager may be in charge of accounts in certain areas of the world, e.g. Australia. 

Tasks may include –
Supervision of teams
Liaison with sales, customer service and accounts teams
Organisation of the running of the account
Customer liaison
Generating new accounts
Identifying sales opportunities
Managing conflict and complaints
Establishing budgets with customers and the company
Meeting deadlines for accounts
Keeping records of contacts
Staff motivation

Again, there are a lot of opportunities in account management. There are many areas of industry in which you can work. Also, you can organise your day and the day of others to work effectively with clients. Your working day may be flexible.   Account managers work may involve additional travel.

Risks and Challenges
Because the job is flexible and varied, there may be unsociable hours required and also travel visiting clients and customers, particularly if you are a global or national accounts manager. 
You are responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction and the smooth running of service offered to the client, so it is essential that you can keep on top of things and motivate your staff.

How to become an Account Manager
Many people start out studying bookkeeping (eg our Bookkeeping Foundations course); and after that work in an administration position for a while; gaining experience with both management and accounts.
Larger organisations may seek people with more experience and qualifications than smaller businesses

Personality, enthusiasm and motivation is particularly important for an account manager, but it is also useful to have completed further courses in related areas, such as bookkeeping, business studies, marketing studies, marketing psychology or similar fields.

The exact training you need may depend on the type of accounts you are working with.

Accounts managers need to be trustworthy and reliable; and may be subject to background checks when applying for jobs, or being considered for promotions. It is important to maintain a good record, both inside the workplace and outside as well.

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