Anger Management Counsellor

An anger management counsellor or consultant works with people with anger issues.  In the modern world, many people find it hard to cope with their feelings of anger. Or they do not have the opportunities to express their anger appropriately. They may need help to deal with their anger, which is where an anger management consultant comes in.

The anger management consultant may offer individual face to face sessions with a client.  They will help the client to look at why they are angry, how they are currently responding to difficulties and better way to cope with these situations.
The consultant may also offer group counselling sessions, where a number of people join together to talk about their anger issues and ways to cope more effectively with their issues.

The anger management consultant may also offer training sessions, where they talk to groups of people giving them techniques to deal with their anger and look at the impact their anger has on them. They may do this on a self-employed basis, where they are doing the sessions and selling places. Or they may sell the courses to firms and go into businesses and do the sessions for employees.

This can be a rewarding career offering you the opportunity to support people through their difficulties. It can also be a varied career where you offer support in a range of different ways. And it can mean that you have the flexibility of working for yourself.

Risks and Challenges

The main risk for anyone working with angry people is the risk that the anger may spill over towards the counsellor/consultant. An anger management consultant will need to be patient, calm and assertive. They may also need to make clients aware that they will not put up with verbal or physical abuse.

As with any counselling situation, there are the risks of burn out and stress. Working for yourself can mean that you have little support to relieve your own pressures.

Working for yourself can also mean financial risks and burden, as with any self-employed role.

How to become an Anger Management Counsellor/Consultant

There are a number of ways to become an anger management counsellor/consultant.  You may train as a counsellor, then focus on anger management.

Qualifications are not particularly important, but some formal training is. A certificate course is a good starting point (at least 600 hours of training). A diploma is even better; though experience and empathy combined with a certificate are inevitably better than a diploma or degree without the experience and empathy.
Professional indemnity insurance is important for this job. This is the sort of job that can have risks, because you may be dealing with irrational people at times. Any of the courses offered through this school will put you in a position to obtain professional indemnity insurance under arrangements we have with OAMPS in Australia, and Tower Insurance in the U.K.


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