Changes in the Writing Profession

What's Changed in Writing and Publishing?

First, it's necessary to understand that publishing anything, in either a print or electronic format; involves several stages

Stage 1 -Creating Raw Intellectual Property
This is the writing, photography, and/or creating drawings or illustrations.

Stage 2 -Editing
This involves reorganising and refining the intellectual property into a form that can be used for publishing.

Stage 3 -Design or Layout
This involves applying graphic art or design skills to create a visual image that will be seen by a reader. The final image combining words and graphics is created here.

Stage 4 -Publishing
This involves putting the images into a form that can be accessed by the reader; perhaps printed material, perhaps images on the internet, or even images on a CD.

Stage 5 -Marketing
This involves promoting, selling and distributing the published work to readers.

Computer technology; and the internet, have greatly affected how these stages work.
On one hand, it is now possible for anyone to do all five stages on a home computer, with very little financial investment, provided they are prepared to devote the time needed.

On the other hand, the increase in self publishing has reduced the profitability of established publishers, and greatly reduced the possibility for individuals to get a contract with a publishing house.

In the past, authors would do stage 1 and leave everything else up to the publisher; but today; authors who are not prepared or skilled enough to tackle all stages; are severely disadvantaged on getting a start.

If you want to learn to break into the publishing business or just become a writer these days; you may need to learn and perform what is required in all stages.

Study writing and/or photography to learn stage 1

Study Editing to learn stage 2

Study Graphic Design to learn stage 3

Study courses in publishing, web development and computer programming, to learn stage 4

Study marketing courses to learn stage 5.

Combine all of this with some experience, patience, persistence and a little natural flair; and your chances of success are probably as good as they will ever get.

We offer courses in all of these stages. If you are serious about being a writer or publisher; talk to us before taking the next step though.


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