Creative Writing - What You Need To Be A Creative Writer

Creative writing is any writing that is original. It is anything that did not exist until it was created.


Creative writing is not just non fiction.
We all think of fiction writing as things that are not really true; but there can be varying degrees of truth in every fiction story.

It is arguable what is 'creative'.

How much originality does writing need in order to be creative?

  • An advertising slogan that is 100% original should be considered creative
  • A fiction story based upon an old classic (eg. modern versions of Snow White) might also be thought of as creative, but are they as creative as the advertising slogan?
  • If you take a biographical story and change parts of it to protect the names of people involved, or to make events more sensational than they really were -is this "creative writing"? -The parts that were created are; but perhaps other parts are no.


Characteristics of a Creative Writer

Writers need to be involved with the world to find relevant inspiration; but recluse....even a hermit, to focus and be productive.
Some people have an inherent ability to be creative in their communication.
With age and experience, coupled with a sense of humour and a degree of irreverence, an elderly person from any culture may often gain an inherent capacity to tell a story that will capture and hold the attention of anyone who cares to listen. In Australia, we may say the person is "feeding us bullshit!". If the story is written down, you must see it as creative writing.


Being creative in itself is not enough to be a successful writer; but without creativity in your writing, it is difficult to have a high level of success as a writer.

Creative writers can be writers of fiction or non fiction, and writers for any medium, and any format. 

The best writers of novels, poetry or screenplays will be creative writers. 

Creative writing skills can also be applied to writing articles for magazines or newspapers; or toi advertising material in brochures or elsewhere. 

Some people study and hone creative writing skills for years, before stumbling across an opportunity to have their work published or used commercially.  If the ability is there though; the opportunity can develop into a serious income and perhaps a wonderful career. 
Success comes when you can develop the ability first; then match that skill with the opportunity when it emerghes later.