Market Manager

Marketing Managers are responsible for a wide range of activities including sales, processing purchase orders, customer service, packaging and image development, advertising and promotions, and after sales service. Their role can in fact be extremely diverse, and the skills required to perform this job can be demanding.

Marketing managers may be very well paid senior executives in a large organisation.
In a smaller organisation, the pay may be less, and they may sometimes be expected to perform very diverse tasks; but nevertheless, a good marketing manager will be one of the most important positions in any sized organisation.

What is the Scope of Marketing

We sell in so many different ways today since the onset of the internet. Of course, the way we sell in one environment will often be quite different to how we sell in another.  Marketing may involve:

  • Pricing
  • Selling
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Packaging
  • Market research
  • Transport
  • Destination
  • Placement
  • Planning
  • Accounting

To become successful at marketing you must know:

  • What the customer wants or needs. You may sell a customer what he or she thinks they need, but does not really need. When the customer decides they don’t really want what they bought, you may lose the chance of the customer returning to buy again!
  • How to communicate successfully with the customer. This involves knowing where and how to advertise; how to speak properly, how to read a person's mannerisms (voice and body language) etc.
  • Potential that exists for new products or services.

Changes likely to occur in demand for goods and services.

Making Contact

For the person working in a large company or government department, there are times when an idea or proposal needs to be presented to a higher authority before it can be acted upon. It is essential to understand the way the organization is structured in order to understand who to present something to and what procedure to follow in making that presentation. Disregard for correct channels and procedures can often mean contact is either not made, or ignored when it is made.

For the new business person, this is often one of the most difficult things. Every type of business is different however the following are some of the main ways of making contact with clients or customers:




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