Marketing Officer


Marketing Officers assist the Marketing Manager in implementing and managing marketing strategies. Their work may involve a host of tasks, such as:


  • creating media releases
  • finding target markets
  • creating mailing lists
  • copy writing
  • organising exhibitions/shows
  • administration
  • organising promotions
  • liaising with clients, design agencies, sales representatives, finance, product specialists and managers.
  • assisting with product presentation




There are many jobs available in medium to large corporations in the roles of Marketing Officer or Marketing Assistant. Those who have good ideas, are innovative, work hard and communicate well, are often able to make the career progression into a Marketing Manager position after a few years experience.


Small businesses are more likely to employ Marketing Assistants to do marketing manager roles for lesser wage. However, the experience you get in these small firms can be invaluable in securing more highly paid roles in bigger corporations in the future.


Many marketing officers also have the option of moving into other areas such as Sales Representatives, Customer Service, Communications, and various areas of Management.


After completing your education, if you find employers are all looking for experienced staff, then simply go out and get some. Try volunteering part-time to assist with marketing at your favourite club/society. Most clubs will be happy to have you, and it won’t be long before you can start adding the kind of practical experience employers like to see.



Who employs Marketing Officers?

· Medium and large corporations in all industries

· Small businesses in all industries

· Clubs and Societies including charity and sports organisations

· Government departments including local councils

· Schools & other organised bodies


While Marketing Officers may earn average to slightly above average salaries, Marketing Managers in large corporations command high salaries(well above the average).



Career Risks & Stresses

Marketing Officers may find there are times they have to work overtime and weekends during particularly busy periods or promotions. But this is the same in many office roles today.



Recommended Books

Marketing: An introduction

Marketing: The One Semester Introduction

Marketing: A Practical Approach

Marketing in Manageable Bites


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Recommended Courses


Associate Diploma in Marketing Management

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Marketing) 


For those who don’t have much time, you can start off with one module, such as:


Advertising & Promotions