Marketing Psychology

Marketing psychology is also a relatively new field.  It is in high demand as more businesses are looking for more sales. Marketing psychologists will be able to help with psychological studies, career consulting and consumer research. They can help businesses to target their marketing at the correct audience, to improve their marketing, to use psychological principles to improve their sales.  Marketing psychologists are often involved in some of the simplest things. For example, the smell of fresh bread when you enter a supermarket. This is often pumped into the air from the bakery section and increases the likelihood of purchases, as the smell of food will make customers hungry and think of food more.  

Marketing psychology looks at consumer behave, their beliefs, judgements and why they behave the way they do. They help businesses to analyse and explain why customers behave the way they do in certain situations.

As this is such a new field, it is in high demand and there are a lot of options available. Most marketing psychologists will work as consultants or freelancers, offering advice to organisations on how to improve the marketing and sales of their products and services.  

Risks and Challenges
As with any freelance and consultancy work, there can be times when the work dries up, so it is important to maintain a good network of potential, current and previous clients. Good, high quality work with clients will also increase your chances of being used again in the future.

This can be a high pressure position, as organisations will demand results for the money they are paying for your advice, so it is important to keep well-ahead of market trends, psychological and marketing research. 

How to become a Marketing Psychologist 
Studying marketing psychology can be a useful starting point to move into this field.  There are introductory courses available to Marketing psychology that give you an insight into the theories and practice of marketing psychology.  It can also help you to decide if this is really the field for you. After completing an initial course, you may move onto take a certificate, diploma or perhaps even a degree in marketing psychology. It is important to check the requirements for organisational psychologists in your country to find out what is required.

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