Psychology: Work In Teaching And Research

Teaching and Research in Psychology


Teaching and research can go hand in hand or they occur separately. Psychologists may lecture in a University, or work within colleges or schools. Some psychologists may work as professional psychologists for a while, before deciding to teach to develop their professional practice or to share their knowledge. Whilst some teachers may do a psychology degree, then take a teaching qualification to teach in schools and colleges.


University lecturers will be expected to undertake further research and publish articles, as well as their teaching role.


There will be aspects of administration for lecturers and teachers, which can take up varying amounts of time. This may include student selection, devising new teaching programmes, writing lessons, sitting on committees, allocating resources and so on. Teachers working within schools and colleges will follow a set syllabus usually, so their work may not be as flexible as those teaching in universities. However, they may also have to undertake practical and laboratory courses.




The amount of pay will depend on the country of origin and where the teacher is working. For example, teacher’s salaries in the UK will vary from £19,000 to £38,000. Lecturers in Further or Higher Education may have salaries ranging from £20,000 to £35,000.


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