Sales Assistant

Sales Assistants are required for all retail outlets including grocery stores, hardware stores, clothes stores, book stores, department stores and so on.  The list is endless.

Tasks a Sales Assistant may perform are:

  • Serving customers, taking payments.
  • Assisting customers to find what they want
  • Advising customers on the products
  • Unpacking stock and arranging shelves
  • Advising customers of promotions/discounts to encourage them to buy more.
  • Tidying the store
  • Administration and balancing the cash register.
  • Arranging orders and product deliveries.
  • Dealing with complaints and returns
  • Packaging/Gift Wrapping

Tasks will depend on the size of the store.  In small stores, a Sales Assistant might be expected to deal with all task above, plus possibly some basic bookkeeping.  In larger stores, the Sales Assistant may only assist and serve the customer.



Department stores and supermarkets are always on the look out for more good Sales Assistants.  The smaller stores often put signs in their window, whilst larger stores might advertise in newspapers or online.  The best way to get a Sales Assistant role is to approach the stores you are interested in working for directly.  Don't wait for them to advertise.  Most stores will want you to have some basic Maths and English Skills, be well presented and good with people.

Career opportunities in the smaller stores may be limited to Store Manager.  But you can gain valuable experience in these roles at the beginning of your career. 

There are more opportunities in larger stores, but getting ahead can be competitive. Career opportunities can extend to Department or Store Manager, State or National Store Manager or even slide across into Sales Representative and Sales Manager roles.


Sales Assistants often get paid below-average wages. But if you choose to progress to Divisional Manager Roles and higher, your wages can quickly rise.  Store Managers and State Store Managers have the potential to earn above average incomes. 

Some stores may commission to Sales Assistants and so the more you sell, the more you earn.

Some Sales Assistants learn so much about the products that they eventually open their own stores and become Business Owners/Store Managers.  The choice is yours.

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