Student Profile: Dr. Pauline Enright

Pauline Enright


Pauline Enright started her life in Australia as a “ten pound Pom” who migrated from the UK with her family in 1959. From her humble beginnings as a 14-year-old filing clerk, she went on to obtain a PhD in philosophy and is now self-employed. She works as a Coach, teaches philosophy to children and adults, and runs workshops on the ‘Enneagram of Personality’.



She now has a course in Crisis Management from ACS Distance Education under her belt and hopes that this added string to her bow will fire up her business and take it into the workplace.


“I have been teaching weekend workshops and adult education programs. The Conflict Management course I did through ACS gives me another service I can offer that complements my existing services,” Dr Enright said.

“It also gives me another angle on marketing my business. I began conducting Enneagram workshops to help people understand themselves better. This is especially valuable in the workplace, where relationships between people are crucial to working well together. The ACS course has given me tangible, accessible tools that will help me to manage situations where conflict could arise from my Enneagram work.”


Dr Enright said her previous study in philosophy had given her a strong theoretical foundation but the ACS course built on the theory and gave her practical insights into real-life situations.

“The course was able to complement the philosophy I have done,” she said.

“It took the theoretical knowledge I had about philosophy and turned it into practical tools and strategies I could apply in the workplace and in individual and family conflict. It also broke the information down into components like listening skills and negotiating skills, which made it easier to remember and apply.”


Dr Enright said she had enjoyed learning by distance education and had found elements of the course to be surprisingly practical.

“The flexibility of distance learning was something I enjoyed and which was especially helpful for someone who is self-employed and very busy,” she said.

“It also gave me an opportunity through the little exercises in each lesson to practice the skills and see that they worked. This gave me confidence in my own intuition about how to actually handle conflict.

“The tutors gave me support and built up my confidence. The support and affirmation from the tutors was important because as a student, you are very vulnerable and to know you are on the right track was excellent.”

Pauline runs a small business called Socratic Solutions which provides philosophy related services to businesses, organisations, schools, groups, and individuals.  Her interesting and informative site is located at :