Veterinary Nurse or Technician

A veterinary nurse or technician works as a member of the veterinary team, providing expert nursing care for sick animals. They also play a significant role in educating owners on maintaining the health of their pets. They carry out technical work and are skilled in undertaking a range of diagnostic tests, medical treatments and minor surgical procedures, under veterinary direction. 

Every veterinary practice employs nurses or technicians so there are a wide range of job opportunities

How to become a veterinary nurse or technician
There are different pathways to becoming a veterinary nurse or technician, and what is required formally may vary from place to place around the world.

  • Often a veterinary nurse may undertake training and a formal qualification, which may take two years on a part time basis whilst working in a veterinary practice. 
  • Some may undertake a formal course (eg. our 100 hour Animal Health Care Course) first; then gain experience either as a volunteer or as a paid employee (eg. in a zoo, animal rescue centre, or veterinary practice)for a year or two before moving on to further studies and/or employment as a nurse or technician

Getting started
Any experience and/or training you can get with animals will help you get started. In today's competitive world; a qualification alone is often not enough, no matter how good the qualification is; but experience even on a voluntary basis is impressive. Voluntary experience will show your level of enthusiasm and commitment to developing a career with animals.

You may be able to start out in the animal industry by taking an solid introductory type course and gaining volunteer or paid work experience in order to have a solid foundation to then go onto start out as a veterinary nurse or technician.