Water Planning Officer

Job Opportunities


Many Government and Non-Government organisations employ staff as Water Planning Officers in both junior and senior roles.   People working in this field usually have qualifications in Water Management along with some scientific background. 

Where Could you Work?

  • State Water Board
  • Local Council
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    Remuneration and Advancement

Remuneration and Advancement

Remuneration for Water Planning Officers can vary greatly depending on the qualifcations and experience of the person.  It can also vary between the public and private sector.  A Senior Water Planning Officer working with a government agency will usually be paid an average to above average salary. 

There is room for advancement in this field.  It is most likely that you would start as a Technical Officer or Research Officer in this field, moving up to more senior positions in Management.


How to Distinguish Yourself and get the Work

Good qualifications and experience are the best ways to distinguish yourself in this field.  To become a Water Planning Officer you may need  a Bachelor qualification in one of the following fields - Environmental Science, Environmental Planning, Hydrology or Physical Science. 


To work as a consultant in this field, you should consider personal indemnity insurance. A Professional Indemnity policy aims to shield the professionals' assets in the event of a claim, therefore ensuring that he/she is able to carry on their business. Most of the roles mentioned above are not filled by contractors and are more commonly recruited as casual or permanent positions. To minimise risk of liability, you must investigate and learn about the legal and professional requirements for practising in this field.


Recommended Courses/Career Pathways


Qualifications are always beneficial to job applications. However they don't necessarily mean the candidate is the best person for the job. ACS offers a range of courses to help you on your career pathway which not only give you the necessary qualifications but the practical knowledge you will require to do the successfully.

Browse some of the courses in Environmental Science available at ACS by clicking here.  

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