What is Biochemistry?06/05/2015 18:04:43

What is Biochemistry?

 What jobs exist in this industry, and how do I get a career here? .... read on

Biochemistry is the chemistry of living organisms and their vital processes. It involves studying the chemistry of living things, which includes substances, compounds and processes. 

A Biochemist is the person who gets into the most minute characteristics of organisms and their biological processes. Although Biochemists have many different areas of specialization from which to choose, almost all of them are required to have good research techniques, as well as the ability to synthesize and analyze information. 

More than Just Being a Biochemist Though
A knowledge of biochemistry underpins many different industries; and studying biochemistry can be the first step toward working in many different types of jobs; for example:

  • Research Assistant -agriculture, health science, biology, plant science
  • Complimentary Medicine, Health and Fitness
  • Marketing and Sales -agricultural chemicals, pharmacy, health food shop, food and nutrition
  • Environmental Industries; etc,