Wildlife Officer and Other Related Jobs

There are many jobs that come under the heading 'Wildlife Officer' - some wildlife officers work mainly with plants others with animals and still others with a combination of the two. Whichever of these though - all aim to protect the environment;  its soil, water, air, plants and animals.

Here are some job titles you may come across when looking for work as a Wildlife officer:

Bushland Regeneration Officer - concentrates of re-vegetation and rehabilitation of damaged sites.

Catchment Maintenance Officer - This role focuses on stability of waterways and water quality by restoring, maintaining and protecting riparian and aquatic ecosystems.

Conservation Officer - This role involves studying, analysing and evaluating habitat and wildlife needs and conditions through environmental assessments plus formulating and managing, management goals;

Field Officer - Is responsible for the enhancement and preservation of natural resources and natural and cultural heritage.

General Services Officer - This role usually focuses on the care and maintenance of buildings and grounds in visitors centres or camping sites open to the public within national parks - it also includes tasks such as cleaning, mowing, weeding and carpentry and so on.

Lands and Weed Management Officer - This role involves raising community awareness about weeds and weed management, soil erosion and soil erosion prevention techniques - it may include land conservation, re-vegetation and environmental assessments.

Parks Ranger - Park rangers assist visitors i.e. guided tours, interpretation and education outlining the natural and cultural features and significance of the park and advise on park rules and regulations; they may need to direct traffic and collect park or camping fees. Patrol parks and waterways and assess and report on conditions of both plants and animals. Assist in wildlife projects, weed control and fire management. They also undertake admin. duties and general reporting to management.

The following courses will assist in extending your knowledge and may help you into a new and exiting career:

Associate Diploma in Environmental Management
Associate Diploma in Wildlife Management
Certificate in Environmental Management
Certificate in Environmental Restoration
Certificate in Environmental Sustainability
Certificate in Horticulture (Nature Park Management)
Certificate in Natural Resource Management
Certificate in Wildlife Management
Diploma in Environmental Management

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