Zoo Management

Wildlife parks and zoos employ people at a range of levels in management roles. A small enterprise may only have one manager; but large enterprises can employ many staff; in a series of departments, and to manage such an organisation can require a CEO as well as department heads and lower level supervisory staff to head a series of small teams. Job titles vary from place to place and time to time (eg. Curator, Director, Superintendent, Supervisor, Foreman, Team leader); but the essence of each of these jobs is the same: to manage the physical, human and animal resources which they are in charge of.

Wildlife are kept in zoos, wildlife parks and even private collections for a variety of reasons, including conservation and tourism.

Some zoos are publicly funded; some are private collections by philanthropist/conservationists, many need to be self-sustaining businesses, generating income from paying visitors. To be viable though; it needs an adequate number of visitors; and marketing can be an important part of the zoos activity.

Zoos and wildlife parks may employ a veterinarian and veterinary assistant, along with one or more zoologists, but more often than not; most of the jobs on offer at a zoo are more menial positions involving a significant amount of physical labour such as gardening, cleaning cages, toilets and other areas; construction work, and more.