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Established in 1979, ACS has educated thousands of full and part-time students, many of whom have gone onto successful employment, both in industry or in their own businesses. Others have used their courses to develop a hobby, or simply broaden their general education. We currently have over 2500 students enrolled around the world. The school operates from the Midlands in the UK, with  staff working out of a number of countries. ...read more

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Welcome to the ACS Distance Education (ACS) website ("the Site"), which is owned and operated by ACS Distance Education United Kingdom....read more

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NB: Some modern diplomas and degrees are shorter than 2,000 hrs. Diplomas can even be well below 1,000 hrs. While graduates from shorter qualifications may appear to be well qualified, it is obviously difficult for anyone to reach the same level of "learning" in a much shorter course. When you study here, you can be confident that your tutors have undertaken and passed courses at a high standard. ...read more

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