Develop skills in freelance writing, programming a web site and a broad understanding of the modern publishing industry

The publishing industry has changed greatly over recent decades, embracing IT not only for writing, but also production and increasingly for publishing. This is a very good course for anyone seeking a start in today's publishing industry. Most of the writing now a days is done on the computers even if it is for print. 

Career Opportunities

It is a must course for writers, Journalists, freelance writers and anyone interested in writing for the web.

Become an IT Professional

  • Learn to write better
  • Learn to develop a web site
  • Start networking with industry and lay the foundation for a career writing for online, as a blogger, web site developer, or online journalist



Study six modules as follows:

Writing a Web Site (HTML)

  • Introduction to the Internet and HTML
  • The most important HTML Tags
  • Simplification through HTML Construction Software
  • Creating Links
  • Loading a Site onto the Internet
  • Adding Graphics
  • Designing a Web Site that Works
  • Advanced Features

Digital Photography

  • Introduction To Digital Technology How images are captured and stored, categories of equipment & software, scope of applications
  • Equipment
  • Digital Technology - Colour, resolution, sensors
  • Digital Cameras
  • Taking Photographs
  • Scanners
  • Uploading Images
  • The Digital Darkroom
  • Compositing & Imaging - Production & manipulation of images
  • Special Effects
  • Outputs & Applications- Printers, The Internet

Freelance Journalism

  • Introduction
  • Basic Writing Skills
  • The Publishing World
  • Manuscripts
  • Planning
  • Newspaper Writing
  • Magazine Writing
  • Writing books
  • Writing advertising
  • Special project

Advanced Writing Skills

  • Writing Themes
  • Writing a Regular Column
  • Educational Writing
  • Scientific Writing
  • Writing a Biographical Story
  • Writing a News Article
  • Fiction Writing
  • Other Writing.

Introduction to Publishing

  • Nature and Scope of the Publishing world
  • Desktop Publishing A
  • Desktop Publishing B
  • Illustration: Graphics
  • Illustration: Photography
  • Research Skills : Market Research, researching an article, etc
  • Marketing of Publications
  • Ethics & the law in publishing
  • Developing a publishing project


This module will expand on website database development techniques and more using Microsofts ASP.NET technology.


Duration: 600 hours (six 100-h modules)


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