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Australia for Cheap Labour

Australia for Cheap Labor? more

What is a Trojan Horse

What is a Trojan horse? more

Advantages of International Focused Studies

Studying with a College in another Country is a bonus for your Job Prospects. When you study with a globally focused college, such as ACS Distance Education, you will develop a more global perspective; and that fits you better for a global market place -which is where the future of careers is going. more

Horticulture Travel Scholarship

Every year, a scholarship is awarded to an outstanding young horticulturist from Australia, to travel and learn. The award is made by the Australian Institute of horticulture; and applications are now open for 2015/ more

Cultural Awareness Helps

THE CULTURALLY SKILLED WORKER  For many people, dealing effectively with others from other cultures can be a matter of politeness and empathy: learning to be sensitive to others’ needs and concerns, and behaving respectfully towards them. This may be sufficient to avoid offending others, but more may be needed to enable a person to deal sensitively and effectively with cultural differences in particular situations. For instance, a teacher may find that students from another culture behave and learn in ways that not shared by fellow students from the dominant culture, and may find it necessary to look a little further into the issue of cultural difference to find more suitable methods for nurturing the children’s learning. A physician may find that more

Professional Associations Help

The role of professional bodies is changing; most are not adapting -but there is still value in joining associations. more

5 Steps to Success in Horticulture

As in all industries horticulture is changing: new technologies, new ways of doing things and greater emphasis on sustainability. More than ever the industry needs people who can step up and meet these changes - those that are knowledgeable, skilful, keep abreast of what is happening in their industry, are willing to meet and embrace change and also to work hard, will do well in this industry. more