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School Counsellor

A school counsellor is a counsellor usually working in the school, college or university environment.   They may be full time, part time or work on a freelance or consultancy basis.  A school counsellor is there to help the pupils or students through difficulties. These issues usually relate to academic, social and emotional issues.  These can be include issues, such as bullying, eating disorders, educational difficulties, behavioural problems, absenteeism, punctuality etc etc. The counsellor may also be involved in working with parents/guardians through educational issues with a child. more



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Finding A Job


What is a Career?

A career is more than a job. It is consistent participation on a chosen vocation or field of work, such a social work, office administration, law or horticulture, and includes all levels of participation. A career refers to a person’s whole work-related life, and therefore it encompasses both the person’s occupation (perhaps as a landscaper) and the field of work in which they have been primarily involved (such as horticulture). more

Careers Success

FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO CAREER SUCCESS Realistic Expectations It's not difficult to get work; it's just sometimes difficult to get the type of work you more

What Employers Want

In general, when an employer evaluates a job applicant, he considers some or all of the more

Value of Study

Most people start their working life with a preconception of where they want to work. For some, they aim to own and run their own business For others, they plan to enter a career path they have identified, and advance along that path to achieve an end goal that they have also identified. In today's world, there is a big problem with both of these ideas. That problem is simply that the world is changing so fast, that no one can predict what changes are going to happen to business opportunities and career pathways. In fact; if you start a three year course, aiming to get a job that you see is currently available; there is a good change that job might not exist; or might be very different by the time you complete your course. Why Study anything then? There more

Choosing a Course

Today's workplace is a world of commerce.  People used to trade goods and services within local communities; but trade today can easily extend across international borders. Offices in Europe and Australia outsource office work to people in Asia; and retailers anywhere can be competing with online stores anywhere in the world. The things that are sold are different too, and with every new scientific change or technological development; become even more different. Knowledge, networking and brain power have never been so important to career or business success; but it is wrong to assume this is the same as gaining lots of qualifications. Some of the most successful people in the world are people who dropped out of college or university courses before more