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Education in Crisis 2009

Education Looks Like it Has Lost The Plot With more focus and energy being placed on securing funding and accreditation than teaching, it seems schools and universities are forced to make learning outcomes their second priority. How can the education system hope to be effective when schools are influenced more by politicians and bureaucrats than by teachers; and educators are forced to make saving money, compliance, paperwork and assessment a higher priority than teaching and learning? Take a look at these recent quotes: ‘We don’t have enough time to run a school’ ‘Bernice McCabe, head teacher and co-director of the Prince’s Teaching Institute, thinks that heads have to deal with too many initiatives.’ - TES more

Value of a PhD

Are academic doctorates worth doing? more

Improving Training

Seen in the Higher Education Supplement of the Australian today: “Training Probe on External Audit’s Path” more

Vocational Education just as good as University

There is no reason why a vocational education can't carry your career just as far as a university more

Horticulture education trends 2015

Mainstream Horticultural Education urgently needs some changes.  Not enough young people are studying horticulture and entering the profession. more

Learning Matters more than Qualifications

Learning Matters Much More than being Qualified. more

Study a Degree in Psychology and Counselling

Warnborough College, in conjunction with ACS Distance Education, is now offering a degree that integrates both psychology and counselling. AND you can study the course by distance more