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Organically grown food is growing in demand - there are opportunities in this expanding industry but there is more to organic crop production than not using chemicals; organic farming is not a 'lazy farmers' technique. A lot of work is involved in utilising integrated pest management and hygiene above and beyond most normal farm enterprises. Once an organic production management system is in place, however, and operating, it tends to stabilise over a period of time, and becomes easier to manage. Organic production is a viable economic and expanding industry - with benefits to the farm soil, to the environment, and to the purchasers of the more

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Flower Growing or Floriculture Floriculture enriches the lives of millions of people every year and is an industry attractive to both scientist and artist. The term Floriculture is derived from Latin, and means “to cultivate flowers.” more

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Working On Vineyards Work on vineyards is diverse; there are many skills required and work may range from general labouring through to viticulturists (those that study the science and production of grapes). The sort of work you would do on a vineyard includes: Species selection and planting, erecting trellising, weeding, fertilising, pest and disease management, irrigation management, harvesting and pruning. Outline of Viticulture Vitis vinifera, the European Grape, has been cultivated by man for thousands of years. It probably originated in the Caucasus mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Many areas of temperate Australia are considered suitable for grape production, and there is very strong demand currently for Australian produced wines. The more