Computer Technology



Learn ASP.NET Online, Any Time, Anywhere....


Learn how to produce Stunning, Dynamic Websites using Microsoft ASP.NET programming technology.

During the completion of this course you will have learnt and put into practice developing a completed online store web application using multiple technologies including ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, SQL and VB., NET.




Learn to use electronic technology for marketing

Build skills and a capacity to adapt to change

Professional development for anyone working is sales, marketing or I.T.


Combining individual courses, this course provides an enriched set of skills that will teach you a variety of disciplines in E Commerce that will give you a well rounded and solid foundation across 15 different areas.

The Diploma involves 15 individual modules including 100 hrs Industry Meetings and Work Experience.



Learn about both hardware and software.

Build your foundation for a lifetime career or business

Designed to allow you to adapt to rapid change in a fast moving industry

Up to 2 yrs f/t - covers


Expand Your Practical Knowledge and Skills in IT

A solid foundation for a career in I.T., this course focuses on developing awareness of industry, knowledge of valuable skills and a capacity to adapt to change in order to remain abreast of what is a rapidly changing discipline. This course does not require any previous IT experience as it takes you right from the basics to a higher level.

The course encompasses a wide range of practical subjects including programming languages such as, ASP, SQL, Javascript, HTML as well as providing a wide range of elective modules including e-commerce, marketing subjects, editing and more.




This course will teach you the basics of computers

Computer technicians are in high demand. With an increasing number of computers used in both the home and workplace, there is a significant and ever growing demand for people to install, maintain and repair both hardware and software. While many computer courses teach programming, surprisingly few provide the type of training needed to be a competent and effective computer technician.

This course provides an introduction to servicing computers. It develops a broad and general understanding of repair and maintenance procedures that can be used at work or home, and in doing so provides a good starting point for anyone seeking a career in computer servicing. 



Learn more about computers and how they work


An intermediate course to give you a more in depth understanding of how computers work



Why should I choose this course?

This course covers more in-depth into hardware diagnostics and fault analysis. The course has sections on software trouble-shooting. The course continues on from and expands topics covered in Computer Servicing I.

Is this course right for me?

If you are looking into expanding your skills more into troubleshooting and hardware diagnostics this course is suitable for you. Looking to get into the computer repair industry this course is good for helping you get started.



Gain and advanced understanding of computer repair - servicing - troubleshooting

The final module in the computer servicing courses, computer servicing 3 will give you the final bits and pieces you will need to apply your skills in in real life and gives information on other areas of IT that you may want to expand your learning into.


Why choose this course?

If you already have a good knowledge of computers and servicing them, this course will take your knowledge to the next level for repairs, servicing and troubleshooting hardware and software related issues.

Would this course suit me?

This course goes into advanced computer repair and would suit you if you were entering a career in IT repair work. If you wish to fix your own computer this course is would be very helpful teaching you the hardware components within a system.



Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power point and more!

This course is or people who already know how to use a computer, but wish to extend their skills, particularly with respect to Microsoft applications.


Is this course right for me?

If you are wanting to work with Microsoft word, excel, access etc this is the course for you.

This course will give you a better understanding of Windows and how to use it to your advantage. Understanding more about Windows will increase your job prospects and create more job satisfaction. You will be able to show or train others some of the different methods we use within the course. Knowledge is power and learning about computers will help you in the long-term with job placements.



Cyber security fundamentals - Intrusion detection , prevention & recovery


Cyber Security is currently the fastest growing sector in the I.T. industry. The demand for Cyber Security experts is increasing at a rapid pace due to the increased threat of cyber terrorism, state sponsored hacking and other attacks such as ransomware and identity theft which has the potential to cripple businesses and organisations of all different sizes.

Microsoft predicted in 2010 that Cyber Security would be the ‘next big thing’ in the industry and many organisations are now desperate to find experiences cyber security experts to protect their digital assets.Why wait to learn what the potential risk on the internet are and how to prevent and overcome them. Learn about cyber security now and be prepared for what may come..

Many people use the internet and computers without knowing the dangers that are associated with using this technology. There are many various ways that you can be adversely affected by using a computer, mobile phone, or electronic device that contains your information. 

This course will help you learn what the potential vulnerabilities are, how to prevent them and what to do if you become a victim. Learn to better manage security of computer systems, how to detect potential threats, and strategies for recovery and protection



Why you need to learn about drones! 

enhanced photography and videography 
watch what is happening from inaccessible spaces eg. whale watching
get into technology that has a big future
for fun - get into drone racing!
stand out on social media with unique images
security and viewing property from a distance 
farming technologies 
force movement of nuisance pests or animals 

This 100 hour Drone Technology course will help you understand different types of drones, how they work, and how they are used across a broad variety of industries.



Fundamentals of using the internet to generate income...


Why choose this course?

Develop an ability to manage commercial transactions electronically, particularly via the internet. While the course is concerned with marketing, management and processing; the primary concern is marketing. E commerce is short for "electronic commerce". It is anything concerned with doing business electronically. E-commerce includes commerce conducted over the internet, but also other forms of electronic commerce such as telephone banking, using a fax, or generating and managing accounting systems on a computer (without use of the internet). This course focuses on the internet; but covers other aspects of e commerce as well.


Is this course right for me?

This course is excellent for managers and marketing people who are good with general marketing but are not very sure about marketing on the web.



Make content stand out from the crowd!

Learn about graphic design and how to put the theories you'll learn in this Graphic Design course into practice.

Learn how to make great choices when it comes to your selection of fonts, images, colours and layout, and how to ensure that your design meets the purpose of the design brief you're working from. This is all covered within this exciting course.


Is Graphic design for me?

To be a good graphic designer, you need knowledge, skills and a certain degree of imagination and flair. This course can provide the foundation of that knowledge, and give you a start toward developing skills that only come over time with experience. If you are lucky enough to be born with an amount of artistic talent, experience and learning will give you the confidence to bring your talent to life - and make a great career along the way! 



Learn to keep information on your computer secure

A course equally important for the individual through to the largest corporation

The most important security concepts related to information on the internet are confidentiality, integrity and availability, whereas the most important concepts related to the people using the information on the internet are authorisation, authentication and non-repudiation.



Gain essential web programming skills

Learn one of the three core web technologies used to create interactive web pages

JavaScript is a powerful scripting language which can be used to read and modify HTML elements, validate data, and it can also react to events such as a mouse click or a key press on the keyboard, etc. 

A majority of website on the internet use JavaScript in some way, so it is one of the must have skills for a programmer or web developer


Create event driven, functional and imperative web pages, JavaScript provides powerful abilities to the developer

Easy to learn, this course will give novices an understanding of how to use JavaScript with HTML to create web pages

Interested in JavaScript; look at our HTML,, & SQL courses to make dynamic responsive websites




Learn to plan, facilitate installation and manage computer networks

A computer network, commonly just called a network, is a system of interconnected computers (and devices) that operate interactively. Any number of computers may be connected into a network, from two to dozens, hundreds, thousands or even millions. Networks typically include other devices such as printers, external hard drives, modems and routers, etc.  The network provides communications between the devices so that they may share data, software, hardware and resources.




The computers in a star topology network are connected to a centralised hub or switch, and communications between the computers flows through the hub or switch. Different types of cables can be used in this topology, for example, coaxial, fibre optic or twisted pair cables.


The client computers in a bus network are connected by a shared line, called a bus. This conceptual architecture is also used on motherboards of computers, and in some versions of Ethernet networks.


A fully or completely connected network is a mesh topology. In this type of configuration, every workstation or device on the network is connected to all others in the network. Mesh topologies are very expensive to implement, as there are large overhead costs with an excessive need for cabling. Also, these networks are difficult to maintain and expand.



Develop a basic understanding of how to create and manipulate images and artwork compositions using Adobe Photoshop for use on the web, email and print

Is this Course right for me?

While versions and types of software keep changing; most of the principles of photographic manipulation do not change. 

If you have not studied a course like this before; it can be of great benefit; in teaching you those principles. Once you have the broad principles though, you should then have a foundation that can be applied to different versions of Adobe Photoshop, or other types of software that might be used for photo manipulation.

This Photoshop Course can enhance career opportunities for many careers including: Office workers, Photographic Sales Assistants Photographers, IT technicians, web developers, Sales and marketing officers, Event managers, Small business managers, Teachers, etc




Develop a mix of skills in I.T. and marketing, which are in high demand world-wide

E-commerce is a must have skill for managers in any industry not just IT because all businesses now use the world-wide-web as another point of sale. To successfully sell on the web knowledge of the way business and marketing goes on the web is a must have.

This is a great course for Marketing managers and Business managers.

Career Opportunities

You will be able to work as IT Managers, IT Consultants, E-commerce Consultants, Web marketing consultant etc.

Areas covered in this course are:

  • promoting on the internet,
  • a well-planned and professionally designed website can compete on an equal footing with large corporate companies.
  • websites can be Dynamic and Interactive, allowing customers to not only browse through products and services but sometimes interact with demonstrations, view multimedia presentations and more.



Why Choose this Course?

A solid foundation for a career in I.T., this course focuses on developing awareness of industry, knowledge of valuable skills and a capacity to adapt to change in order to remain abreast of what is a rapidly changing discipline. This course does not require any previous IT experience as it takes you right from the basics to a higher level.


Career Opportunities

You can work as an IT Officer, Technical support officer, IT Help desk Officer or a IT Administrator



Learn IT Management Skills!

Develops a balance of skills in both Information Technology and management to produce a graduate with the foundation training to manage an IT business or department. This course does not require any previous IT experience though experience in using a personal computer will be useful.


Career Opportunities

This is a good course for people who want to start a career in IT or people with experience who want to attain a qualification to further their endevours.



Develop skills in freelance writing, programming a web site and a broad understanding of the modern publishing industry

The publishing industry has changed greatly over recent decades, embracing IT not only for writing, but also production and increasingly for publishing. This is a very good course for anyone seeking a start in today's publishing industry. Most of the writing now a days is done on the computers even if it is for print. 

Career Opportunities

It is a must course for writers, Journalists, freelance writers and anyone interested in writing for the web.



Why choose this course?

A broad foundation course for anyone seeking entry into a career with computers. It is also a good course for people looking to complement their existing careers with IT knowledge. No previous IT experience is required to undertake this course.


Career Opportunites

You can work as 1st level IT help desk, IT Technician, IT officer



Study Website Development and Web Site Design


Why choose this course?

Website Development has become a huge industry; and there is high demand for developers who can bring results. I.T. Staff at ACS are world leaders in web site development, rest assured you will be trained by experts.This certificate teaches the most in demand web development tools like HTML,, Visual, Flash, E-commerce and Digital photography.


Career Opportunities

Web developer, Web specialist, Web programmer



Why choose this course?

A Proficiency Award is a type of "specialist" certificate; designed to provide a qualification to reflect "knowledge or skills" in a specialised area.
Ideal course for someone wanting to enter and work in one of the most in demand field of computer programming.

Career Opportunities

Once this course is undertaken and completed you can start working as computer programmers, webdesigners or web developers.



Develop skills in the repair and maintenance of computers (PC'S)

A Proficiency Award is a type of “specialist” certificate; designed to provide a qualification that reflects “knowledge or skills” in a specialised section of an industry or discipline.

Career Opportunities

People who have completed this course can work in IT technical support, as IT Technicians, IT officer, IT helpdesk officer



Learn SQL(Structured Query Language) for the Web


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to SQL. By the end of the course, the student should be able to easily understand all the major aspects of SQL.


Is this course right for me?

This course will suit beginners who are new to databases, experienced database users may also find this course of benefit to update or expand their current knowledge using databases in SQL.



Learn to make Windows Programs using .NET (Visual Basic)

Learn Microsoft development Language. This Language helps with ASP.NET projects as they can now use Visual Basic.Net code in the background for website functionality.


History of BASIC

By the mid-1970s, as personal computers became cheaper and more widely available, people started owning their own, but most people found they were still hard to program. In response to this need, Bill Gates and Paul Allen produced a version of BASIC and started selling it from their newly formed company, Microsoft. Software built on the .NET Framework can be easier to deploy and maintain than conventional software. Applications can be designed to automatically upgrade themselves to the latest version. The .NET Framework can also minimise conflicts between applications by helping incompatible software components coexist.




HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. An HTML page is a text file that contains special characters called markup tags. The tags describe how the page should be displayed when you view it via a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome.

Why Choose this course?

Learn to create web pages. Explore different methods of laying out an HTML page. Investigate some of the techniques employed by web developers to Navigate between web pages. Experiment with the use of images and background images on web pages. Use style sheets to change the look and feel of a web page. Build a web site based on a client design specification.

Is this course right for me?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn programming in html. It can be a hobby or to create a website for your personal or business use. Keeping in mind that web development companies charge thousands of dollars to develop websites for businesses this course is a good investment.