Health Science



This course creates skills needed to work in or manage facilities and services concerned with health or fitness (eg. exercise programs, fitness centres, clubs, gymnasiums, sports complexes, sports administration, swimming pools, etc). It is suited to school leavers (with year 11) or mature age students with some work experience (not necessarily in the field of health and fitness).

This course can provide a foundation and significant step toward careers such as:

  • Centre manager or assistant manager (leisure centre, medical centre, wellness centre, health centre, fitness centre, sports centre etc)
  • Small business owner / operator
  • Receptionist, personal assistant, supervisor, trainer, etc


ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (Human Biology 1a ) BSC101

Online Science School - Learn Human Biology via Distance Education

  • learn human biology
  • work in human health and wellbeing
  • excellent for further studies in this field.
  • study how the body works
  • what factors determine and affect a persons health.

This course is designed for people working or looking to work in the health care industry, or for people who want to have the foundation yet broad knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

A comment from one of our Human Anatomy and Physiology (1A) students: "Very pleased with the work" L. Lowery


BIOCHEMISTRY I (Human & Animal) BSC103

Open Learning - Biochemistry Course - Online Science School

  • Essential knowledge for all human and animal science. 
  • Learn about lipids, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, thermo regulation, carbohydrate metabolism, absorption, acidity, alkalinity, chemical analysis.
  • Study industry applications.
  • Work towards a career in science

Please note some secondary school chemistry will be helpful though it is not essential.



New Career in Science - Cell Biology Studies

  • essential course for all people interested in human health, animal care and animal studies.
  • learn about the most basic unit of living matter
  • learn terminology
  • understand complex cell processes

ACS Cell Biology Graduate Comment: "the course was better than I expected. I am studying a Bachelor of Health Science next year at university. I gained far more knowledge from this course than I expected." J.McEwan



Health and Wellbeing - Affordable Learning

  • comprehensive introductory course to health and wellbeing
  • learn about nature and scope of human health and wellbeing industry
  • learn about nutrition, lifestyle, preventative health, and alternative medicine.
  • start your career in health and wellbeing.
  • work towards a future career, train as a nutritionist; offer health advice to children and adults in an educational or community based setting
  • advance your career into a professional capacity in health, fitness and wellness.

Health and Fitness are simply some of many the different words used to describe people being in good condition. There are many different services and products on offer which promise to improve or maintain a state of wellbeing, and any (or all) of these goods and services might be considered to be part of the health and fitness industry. These can include things as variable as medical services through to sport, recreation and food.


Your perception of the scope of this field should have broadened considerably by the time you complete this course and in doing so your prospects for employment should have also broadened.



Want to Work with Food?

This course provides a broad understanding of the make up of foods and how the human body utilises those foods.

Who Should Study this Course?   -Anyone working in food service, cooking, production of food products, or advising on healthy eating



Learn How to Plan a Diet 

  • learn how to develop a properly balanced diet
  • learn how cooking and food processing affect nutritional value
  • recommended nutrient intakes and be able to assess nutritional needs
  • learn about planning a diet for special people/groups
  • boost your understanding of vitamins and minerals in the body



This course deals with the management of foods to optimize health as well as covering different ways of eating, food toxicity, and detoxification. Can stand alone as well as building on Nutrition I and II.

Some people seem to be able to eat anything, without suffering any signs of ill health. They always appear fit, never get sick, don't get over weight, and they still eat junk food and other things which others simply cannot tolerate. The healthy body has a remarkable ability to process and eliminate unwanted chemicals. If a person is in peak condition, any excesses or unwanted components of food, are likely to be eliminated through the urinary or excretory system, or even through sweat. Very few people, however, are in such a good state of health; and even those who are, are unlikely to continue disposing of unwelcome chemical compounds year after year for their entire lifespan. Sooner or later their ability to tolerate undesirable foods will decrease, and problems will develop.




Who should do this course?

  • Anyone interested in producing or using scented oils
  • Massage Therapists
  • Allied health or Complimentary medicine support staff/assistants
  • Sales & marketing staff who market scented oil products (oils, soaps, perfumes etc)
  • Herb growers and oil manufacturers

This course provides a solid introduction to the safe use of aromatherapy essential oils. By itself it does not make you a fully professional aromatherapist (as that would involve a much longer course); but it does provide a sound starting point upon which you can build further and more in depth knowledge



Medical Careers - Study Medical Terminology to progress in the health and science fields


Understanding medical terminology is important for anyone working or wanting to work in the field of medicine or health studies.

This medical language course is studied by distance learning and will improve your understanding of medical language and its use.


  • There are lots of health and medical support jobs available, these include medical receptionists, medical sales staff, office staff etc.

  • This course allows you to speak and understand the language used in clinics and hospitals - study Medical Terminology and gain a critical skill needed to work in this type of job

This course is relevant to anyone working or wishing to work in fields of health, alternative medicine or para medical areas; such as reception for a doctor or natural therapist.



The Foundation Diploma in Natural Health is specially designed for people seeking a career as a Natural Therapist, Nutritionist or Nutrition and Health counsellor, or Wellness Counsellor.
This provides a foundation for seeking the first level of employment and a basis for further studies to progress in your career and expand employment opportunities.

Graduates may find employment in health support positions; or with further studies build to become a fully qualified practitioner in their own right.

Under arrangements with Health Schools Australia (in Australia) and Warnborough College (in Ireland and the UK), studies in this course can provide advance standing in higher studies via those institutions.

Health Schools Australia
Students who undertake this course have the option to upgrade to Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Complementary Medicine (Functional Nutrition), Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, Complementary Medicine (Sports Therapy), Complementary Medicine (Remedial Therapies), Complementary Medicine (Wellness Consultancy) with Health Schools Australia who is the leading provider in complementary medicine courses and is accredited under the AQTF (Australian government) and by Australian Traditional Medicine Society (A.T.M.S.)



Distance Education Course -Diploma in Psychology

What can this course teach you?

  • How to help people adjust to life changing health conditions
  • How our biological development or condition affects our thinking
  • How and what changes are natural and inevitable physically and mentally, as we age
  •  How we develop certain patterns of thought and behaviour, and how to change negative patterns
  • Why we act differently when we are in groups and when we are alone
  • How to support people in a health care environment

A broad-based foundation in theoretical psychology can be applied in many fields, such as business, counselling, helping services and teaching. It will give you a much deeper insight into human behaviour and factors (such as learning, environment and personality) that can affect it, and improve your ability to deal effectively with others. While this course will not qualify you as or a psychologist (which requires a university degree), it will develop your capacity to apply pscyhology for more effective teaching, management, consulting, parenting, marketing, or for your personal growth. The course may also provide a valuable stepping stone to further study in this fascinating field.



Want To Manage Your Own Stress?

Want to Help Others?

Anxiety, tension, and mental and emotional strain are all common problems in modern society. This course introduces you to some practical approaches to understanding how it affects the body, dealing with the symptoms, and giving you tools to combat stress.

Knowledge and skills developed here can enhance career and job prospects for many professions from health assistant and life coach to small business owner or workplace supervisor.